1 Simple Way To Overcome Perfectionism

Your mind is going to tell you that you’re not good enough in some way, shape or form. How you respond is where your power comes in!


When your mind expects perfection from you, it can lead to loads of procrastination.

Instead of sending that email to your list, your mind tells you that it COULD be better than it currently is.

Rather than posting that Instagram photo, your  mind tells you that it COULD be better.

Instead of sharing your new art piece on your website, your mind tells you that it COULD be better.

And guess what?

Your mind’s right.

It could be better.

The truth is anything could be better.

Do you know what I mean though?

When do you stop improving things?

There’s always something that could be tweaked, modified and enhanced.

But at some point, if you want to serve and add value in the world, you have to be willing to press publish. Hit send.

Because otherwise you end up going around and around in circles, always telling yourself, well this COULD be better.


Sure, well, if you say that then you could spend the rest of your life tweaking that piece of art, that sales email, that website.


Until the day you die.

Sounds kind of crazy but it’s true!

When is the end point?

There is none. You can ALWAYS expand, improve and make something better.

So at some point, WE have to call it.

We have to give ourselves an end point.

We need to just have the courage to say done. This is done.

And hit send.

It’s going to be uncomfortable at times (especially if you’ve been a perfectionist).

Your mind might still say: “this COULD be better though.”

That’s just what our minds do.

But you don’t have to listen.


You can decide that making PROGRESS is more important to you than procrastinating for the rest of your life in the hope that you can make something perfect.


Also, what does perfection even mean?

Does it mean flawless? Does it mean that 1000 people have to give it a 10 out of 10 rating? What does perfection even entail?

How do you know when something is finally “perfect”?

Basically what exactly is the benchmark?

And does perfection even exist?

I love this quote from Stephen Hawking, world renown theoretical physicist, who said:


“One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist..Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.”


I know how tempting it is to avoid taking action out of constant fear that you could have done a better job. You’re really not alone.

It’s so alluring and appealing to just procrastinate and procrastinate and procrastinate.

But my question to you is this: how fulfilling and rewarding is to continue doing that?

Are you enjoying your business as a result of this? And how much are you serving others (your current and future clients) by holding back due to fear of not being perfect?

Is it genuinely benefiting others to wait and wait and wait?

Imagine where your business would be if, instead, you gave yourself permission to hit send when it was 80% ready!

I heard that once from Joey Schweitzer on YouTube who now has 1 million YouTube subscribers. 

Through his videos, he’s added SO much value to people’s lives. He explicitly says in one of his videos that at some point he just has to press publish on his YouTube videos. 

Otherwise he’d never have any content. And nobody’s lives would have changed even a bit.

So, what about you? What if instead of expecting or needing perfection, you told yourself that your 80% complete will really truly serve others?

That your clients and future clients will massively benefit from your 80% complete.


100% (for people like us) is a lie. Because it means it’ll never quite be ready or good enough for the world.


80% is more than enough to solve a problem for someone who needs your solution. 

Because it’s true. That way their needs can be filled now. 

Look – it’s not going to be easy at first for someone like you. However, with practice, you can commit to pressing send or hitting publish when you believe it’s 80% complete.

Sounds a little strange! But I’ve found it to be a game changer for us, overachievers!

Especially as a business owner. The best part about this technique is you’ll end up helping and adding value to SO many more people.

Your work, your art, your products, and your services can’t help people if you keep it to yourself.

I know. I know. It’s tempting. It can be scary to just let people in. But it’s worth it.

And they’re worth it. Do it for them.

When you’ve been writing an email, making a piece of jewellery, updating a sales page, or putting the finishing touches of icing on that wedding cake…and you’re noticing your mind tell you it could be EVEN better. 

Notice that limiting story. Notice it as your perfectionism. And decide that 80% complete will truly serve others right now. Now is better than never.

Progress is better than perfection. Done is better than perfection.

Uncomfortable or not, at that stage, hit publish. You’ll be better for it. And others will greatly benefit as a result.

Did this blog resonate with you? Where have you been putting things off out of fear that it’s not good enough yet?  Let me know in the comments!


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