3 Killer Habits To Boost Your Confidence In Business

Are there daily habits we can implement to grow our self-confidence? The answer in my opinion is a resounding YES!

There are three habits that I’ve personally found have really helped me build my confidence! I hope they inspire you to adopt them or come up with your own!

The truth is that I had no idea these would build my level of confidence, but they absolutely did. Let’s dig in!



The first habit to increase my confidence was meditation. Now, I’ll be honest, I struggled so much to stick to this habit in the beginning. If you’re eager to read how I finally figured out how to follow through on this practice, check this blog I wrote on the topic.

Anyway, when I finally managed to conquer the habit of meditation, it definitely impacted how I felt about myself. And you’ll soon find out why.

One of the reasons it helped was that it allowed me to become more and more aware of my own thoughts throughout the day.

The power of meditation is that not only do you start noticing the thoughts during that 10-minute slot of time, but you also start noticing your thoughts the whole rest of the day! That’s right!

Suddenly, I could pick up on the specific thoughts crossing my mind during the middle of the day. Thoughts like “this won’t work” or “this will be too hard for you; you won’t be able to figure it out” or “what will they think of you?”.

Suddenly, I felt like I had this super power. I could actually SEE my thoughts for what they were. I could pick them out of my head. I was able to distance myself from the actual thoughts. There was suddenly this amazing separation between my thoughts and I.

Do you see what I mean?

Before I had this meditation habit, my thoughts would go by so quickly, I was never able to “catch” them. There was zero distance between me and my thoughts. I believed everything my mind said to me. Because I thought I was my thoughts.

Before engaging in my meditation practice, I would just buy into everything my mind would tell me. Why? There wasn’t enough space between me and my mind.

After meditating for a certain number of months, there was this new found space between my thoughts and me. This space allowed me to challenge my thoughts.

It also allowed me to make a conscious choice as to whether or not to “buy into” the thought. I was able to decide if I was going to believe the thought that had come up.

If the thought wasn’t helpful (to me achieving my business goal), I would simply choose to opt out of the thought and take an aligned action instead.

Over time, I could see thoughts for what they were: thoughts. They didn’t mean anything. I could choose the ones I liked and simply disregard the ones that were disempowering.

This also made me realise that so much of the inner chatter just wasn’t real. It was just chatter. I didn’t have to believe it. As you can imagine, my confidence grew over time as a result of this.


The second habit that helped me grow my self-confidence was using a daily planner to schedule out my day.

I should preface this by saying that prior to this, I had NEVER been the kind of person to plan out my day. Or use a planner of any kind!

It’s just not something I’d ever done. To be honest, before implementing this habit, I always felt kind of unorganised and messy. I had always been an action taker, but I definitely felt a little all over the place.

I envied people who were more organised. Well, that changed! I decided years ago that I wanted to build in new rituals into my days that would allow me to feel more organised.

That’s when I decided to buy this daily planner I refer to below. And man did it increase my confidence levels. On more levels than I expected!

Let me explain why:

Each page of the planner is focused on just that day, which makes it so powerful. You’re really looking to break down a day and crush it!

For each day, there are a list of mindset questions or journaling prompts to fill out. Prompts like: “One thing I can get excited about today is…” or “One thing I could do today to demonstrate excellence is…” or “If I was a high performance coach looking at my life from a high level, I would tell myself to remember that…”

The planner then asks you to fill out your daily activities and has slots for each 30 minute time period. So for example, you write down what you’ll be doing at 6am, 6.30am, 7am, 7.30am, and so on until 8pm.

After answering the daily morning journaling questions in the planner, I would fill out the key activities, meetings, client trainings, outings I had for the day in those time slots.

Finally, at the very top of the page, it would ask me what today’s top 3 goals are. And any key tasks that need to be completed that week. This exercise really forced me to get crystal clear on what was most important to me and what I wanted to focus on that day in my business.

Once I’d worked through that journal page (it usually takes me about 10 minutes), I felt so much more organised in my own head!

Before even starting my business day, I’d feel more accomplished and clear about my objective and key tasks. The mindset questions also helped me reframe my mind to have a more empowering start.

When my mind feels cluttered or overwhelmed, I feel messy. Does that make sense?

And when I feel messy or all jumbled up in my head, I find that it impacts my level of self-confidence.

Whereas when I’ve gone through this kind of morning planning, where I answer some empowering mindset questions, get clear on my key goals of the day, and plan out the day, I feel a sense of ownership. I feel like I know what I’m doing.

As a result of this planning habit, my focus is clear and strong, and I feel good about myself!

It also reinforces the new identity of being the kind of person who is organised and structured!


The third habit that helped me grow my self-confidence was tracking my business numbers each morning. Now, before you die of boredom, hear me out!

Trust me, the idea of “tracking my numbers” sounded mind-numbing to me too at first. But I kept hearing it from so many successful business owners that I realised it was time to give it a go!

Surprisingly, it felt SO good doing it and it really increased my self-confidence.

So, this is how this habit works:

I have a super simple excel sheet that’s always open on my rose gold MacBook, and what I do each morning is go to it and simply fill in the numbers for each row.

For example, I track my incoming cash flow from the day before (PayPal does this automatically for accounting purposes. But I enjoy tracking it myself as well as it keeps me on top of what’s going on in my business. Plus, it motivates me to promote my offers more to increase the number daily).

I also track the number of email subscribers, Facebook ad costs, the number of followers on Facebook, the number of website views and the list goes on.

For some reason, tracking my numbers daily makes me feel amazing. As Peter Drucker said, “what gets measured, gets managed”. By measuring the key numbers for my business, I get reminded of what needs to happen that day or week to make sure I’m continuing to improve.

This habit has also weirdly increased my confidence because it shows me that I’m progressing! Regardless of how I feel that morning or what’s happened over the last few days, I have actual proof in front of me of how the stats are increasing. Even if it’s only by a little bit!

It’s an objective tool that convinces me that yes I actually am growing. Things are moving forward. I am improving.

After a few weeks of tracking my numbers for example, I’ll see that my email subscribers have increased from the new lead magnet I made for my audience.

Or I’ll see that my cash flow has gone up from a new email sales funnel I worked on the previous month.

Tracking my numbers reminds me that I am doing tasks weekly that are growing my business. This daily routine also just gives me a sense of ownership. That I’m basically taking responisbility for the reuslts in my life.

I’m not blaming others for my circumstances. It’s just another reminder that it’s up to me to grow my results and create the life I want. I’m in charge. I’m the one typing those numbers in. It’s up to me to change things!

Measuring these key stats represents taking charge of my life! It feels good and it absolutely impacts how I feel about myself.

So there you go! Three daily habits that have surprisingly increased my level of confidence over time.

Now, I’m really curious, what daily or weekly habit has most increased your confidence? Let me know in the comments!

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Enjoy !

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