4 Journaling Prompts To Grow Your Confidence

4 Journaling Prompts To Grow Your Confidence In Business

I’ve been using journaling prompts for years now to grow my level of confidence and take more consistent action in my business! 

It’s been such a helpful tool that I’ve shared these types of prompts with all of my business owner clients. 

Journaling allows you to have a completely fresh outlook on your business and yourself. These types of prompts can also get you to come up with brand new action steps that will increase the number of leads you get and grow your revenue.

By going through the 4 journaling prompts below, you’ll soon find out how it can really grow your confidence, change your mindset, and come up with all kinds of new ways to grow your business in alignment.

1) Now that I feel incredibly bold and confident, I believe …

The key here is to simply answer the prompt without overthinking it. Just grab any piece of paper or notebook, and jot down the sentence stem. 

Then simply imagine you felt totally bold and confident…this is where you get to play pretend – just like when you were a kid.

Imagine a parallel universe where you feel incredibly bold and confident…can you picture it?

Now ask yourself…if I was living in that universe… what would I believe differently? What would I believe about myself? What would I know to be true?

You’re coming up with new beliefs that you’d have if you felt truly bold. Would you believe that you can do anything you set your mind to?

Would you believe that you’re just as capable as any business out there?

What would you believe in this case?

If this is the first time you’re using journaling prompts, you might find your mind comes up blank. That’s totally ok. And pretty normal.

The more you do this type of exercise, the easier it’ll become for answers to show up.

Like with anything, you’ll improve with practice.

Also, my tip is to stick to it, push your mind a little to come up with just 1 or 2 answers. Keep asking your mind.

Your mind is actually really good at taking “orders”. So if you keep asking your mind the same question, you might be surprised that at some point, it’s able to return answers. Just like a calculator would!

So keep trying it! Give it another go. 

Even if at first your mind says that it doesn’t know, simply notice that as just another thought. And instead, continue searching for a few answers.

So, for example, if I were doing this journaling exercise, I might answer the prompt in this way:

Now that I feel incredibly bold and confident, I believe anything is possible.

Now that I feel incredibly bold and confident, I believe I can help my clients.

Now that I feel incredibly bold and confident, I believe I can achieve my goal.

Now that I feel incredibly bold and confident, I believe people will be interested in what I have to sell.

These are just a few random examples. Remember – there’s no right or wrong here. You can’t get this “wrong”.

And it’s not about somehow getting the perfect answer. Instead, see journaling prompts as a brainstorming exercise. We’re working on stretching your mind. 

We’re moulding your mind to think in new and unique ways. This is a great way to change your mindset and increase your confidence.

The power of this journaling prompt is that it gets your mind to think about yourself and your business from a completely different angle.

It changes your frame of mind and expands your mindset. Suddenly, your mind sees that it could be thinking and believing more empowering thoughts.

What it also does is helps you understand that there are other perspectives available to you. You get to choose new beliefs that will empower you more than some of your old limiting ones!

Let me know what you get out of this in the comments! Now, let’s move on to the next prompt!

2) Now that I have all the confidence in the world, I take action on…

The value of this particular sentence stem is that you uncover all kinds of actions you’d be taking if you had all the confidence in the world!

Let’s be honest – sometimes we don’t feel good enough. We feel very unsure and insecure. 

Using this type of journaling prompt will allow you to tap into a different frame of mind. It gets you to wonder and imagine the kind of world you’d be living in if you had all the confidence in the world.

Sometimes, when we’re drowning in self-doubt, we feel so stuck that we just stay frozen in place. Stuck. Ruminating. Worrying. And not actually coming up with any action steps that would actually move us forward in our business.

This prompt gets us to take a big deep breath and focus on the next steps we could be taking in our business to reach our goal! 

Sometimes, we really need this as a way to get out of our own heads and simply get practical on what we need to take action on to move the needle forward.

Again, don’t overthink this. Just write down anything and everything that comes to mind for you. Aim to come up with at least 2-3 actions, although feel free to go for more if you’re on a roll!

If I was doing this prompt myself, I might write something like…

Now that I have all the confidence in the world, I take action on creating a new Google Ad for my business.

Now that I have all the confidence in the world, I take action on reaching out to that lead who messaged yesterday about our services.

Now that I have all the confidence in the world, I take action on posting an Instagram photo of our new product that’s in the shop.

Now that I have all the confidence in the world, I take action on learning how to write an automated sales email funnel to all of our new email subscribers.

Remember – these are just random examples! There’s no “right answer”. It’s simply a great way to come up with lots of new action steps to take!

Just repeating that statement (now that I have all the confidence in the world) will also be very helpful for you to start thinking that way!

Alright, let’s jump over to the next prompt. 

3) Now that I know with absolute certainty that I’m good enough to succeed in business, I…

If we believed we were genuinely capable of succeeding in business, we’d be taking very different actions.

Am I right?

If you felt unstoppable and you just knew you had what it takes to hit the money goals you want…

You’d be out there promoting your business, marketing, making calls, sending emails, creating your next product line, collaborating with influencers, reworking your sales page, putting your business out there. Right?


And if you were doing all of those things in your business with that level of certainty and excitement, don’t you think that would increase the number of leads and sales you get each month?

Our beliefs massively affect our behaviour. When we believe we have the ability to achieve our goals? We go out there and act like it!

That’s why I love this prompt. It gets you to consider who you would be, how you would feel, what you’d be taking action on if you actually KNEW you had what it takes to reach your goal.

This will help cement this new identity and push you to start thinking differently to before.

So that’s what I want you to do. I want you to just play pretend. Imagine a world where you actually believe with conviction that you’re capable of succeeding…what would you be thinking? Doing? And believing?

Write down anything that comes up. And remember to just play pretend. Even if you don’t fully believe it (yet), imagine if you did, what would you be doing then…? Let your mind take over…

Here are a few examples I came up with to get you going:

Now that I know with absolute certainty that I’m good enough to succeed, I feel calm and determined.

Now that I know with absolute certainty that I’m good enough to succeed, I stop procrastinating on publishing my website and just go for it!

Now that I know with absolute certainty that I’m good enough to succeed, I put in place a new daily marketing habit !

Now that I know with absolute certainty that I’m good enough to succeed, I do some research on YouTube on how to grow my beauty salon to 6 figures and I start executing right away!

I can’t wait to hear what shows up for you from this one! Let’s jump into the final journaling exercise.

4) Now that I trust myself fully in business, I…


I’ve found from working with my clients over the years that when we lack confidence in ourselves, we struggle to trust ourselves. 

We don’t know if we can trust ourselves to make certain decisions in our business. We don’t trust ourselves to stick to our business habits.

Basically, we feel like we can’t rely on ourselves (due to that lack of self-worth)!

Sometimes this lack of trust in ourselves is due to “failing” or sabotaging so much in the past. As a result of previous mistakes or never really following through on our big goals, we don’t know if we can believe in ourselves again to commit. 

That’s the reason I love this journaling prompt as it gets you to imagine a world where you DO in fact trust yourself. Regardless of your past.

Regardless of the mistakes you’ve made. Regardless of how many times it hasn’t worked for you in business.

This prompt will bring up lots of new ideas, actions, and ways of being in your business.

My aim with these journaling prompts is to get you to think differently to before. The objective is for you to suddenly have a new way of looking at yourself, your business and the action steps you can take to make more money!

Just by doing this type of writing exercise, you might notice your energy shifting. It’s because you’re getting your mind to look at your life and business from a different lens.

It’ll (hopefully) open you up to new ideas and a fresh outlook on your future.

If I was doing this exercise myself, I might write answers like:

Now that I trust myself fully in business, I’m going to send an email to my list to promote our new package.

Now that I trust myself fully in business, I make the call to that other business to find out if we could collaborate to bring in new leads.

Now that I trust myself fully in business, I feel much more energised and excited.

Now that I trust myself fully in business, I reach out to old clients to find out how they’re doing and if they are in need of the product again!

So there you go! Four valuable journaling prompts that you can use at any time. And – remember – you can use these as many times as you like. 

I have a whole bunch of different sentence stems I use on a weekly basis to get me to expand my mindset, shift my energy, and come up with new actions to take in my business.

Also, if you find it hard at first to come up with anything on your piece of paper, don’t worry about it! That’s completely normal. When I first started journaling, I experienced the exact same thing.

However, over time, by going through it again and again, I found that answers started popping up out of the blue. 

Give it time and practice. You’ll find that with time it’ll get easier and easier to write answers to these prompts.

Enjoy! So excited for you to dig in!

I’d love to know : have you used journaling before? Let me know in the comments!

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