A little bit about me

Half-French, half-Belgian, I was born in Tokyo. I grew up living in Dusseldorf, Johannesburg, Vienna, and Hamburg. After finishing my Bachelors in finance in Boston, I moved to London to work in finance for 3 years.

After a life-changing coaching experience, I quit my job in finance and completed a Master’s in Psychology and Psychiatry at King’s College, a coaching qualification with The Coaching Academy and a Neuo-linguistic Programming training.

And over the last three and a half years, I’ve run this incredible coaching and speaking business online and offline. It’s been a hell of a ride ! And it’s JUST the beginning!

Now, you might be wondering who I work with.

Well, let me describe the type of woman I work with:

You are the hungriest, most ambitious woman entrepreneur you know.

You will do absolutely everything it takes to create what you want in business and in life.

You are insanely tenacious, determined and driven.

And yet…

👉 Your confidence.

👉 Your level of self-belief.

👉 Your conviction.

Is just not where it needs to be.

And you KNOW that.

You’re a MASSIVE action taker!

But you can tell that your insecurities about yourself are holding you back from performing at the level you could be in your business.

Your fear of judgement.

Your fear that everyone is going to find out who you really are and realize you’re an imposter!!

Your fear that people are going to find out you’re not good enough.

It drives you UP THE WALL knowing you are capable of SO MUCH MORE and that you’re living up to ONLY a tiny little percentage of it.

It drives you NUTS knowing how bad you want this success and how willing you are to do the work!!

It kills you to know that even with all of the action you’re currently taking, you’re nowhere near the level of success you could be at right now.

With your level of ambition, you could literally be KILLING IT in business and life.

But with your mindset and lack of confidence, you’re playing 10 times smaller than you know you’re capable of.




And yet.

Here you are.

Playing far below your potential in your business and in your life.

It drives you absolutely nuts.

And you’re doing EVERYTHING you can to fight off those fears, negative voices, limiting beliefs and insecurities.

You are so sick of playing below your potential and you are 100% READY to change that now.

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I’m OBSESSED with serving others.
I’m OBSESSED with learning.
I’m OBSESSED with being a catalyst for women to create MASSIVE success.

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Past Speaking Engagements:

King’s College Institute of Psychiatry
General Assembly July 2015
Making it BiG in Entrepreneurship Event London February 2016
Women Entrepreneurs Event San Francisco June 2016
Making it BiG in Entrepreneurship Event London November 2016