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I believe every woman deserves to live her life to the fullest

Transform your life from the inside out in just 11 days

Hi I'm Olivia Charlet.

Before I discovered the life-changing magic of mindset work, I had a busy career in finance. But I felt bored and unfulfilled. It was like my life had very little meaning.

Every week I would have meeting after meeting with traders and portfolio managers,  and it was soul-sucking – just mind-numbingly bland. I felt dead inside. It made me question whether this is all life would ever be. 

Then I started exploring mindset work, and I realised this was my true calling. I quit my job in finance and started coaching women who felt just like me and who were ready to make changes to their lives.

I’ve lived all over the world – half-French and half-Belgian, I was born in Tokyo, and spent my childhood in Dusseldorf, Johannesburg, Vienna and Hamburg. I studied in Boston and then moved to London. Now I live in Brighton, on the south coast of England, with my family. 

Everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve met women with the same problems. Feeling stuck, struggling with self-doubt, and despairing about making lasting, meaningful change to their lives. 

After working so hard to change my own mindset and finding success with my business, I’m passionate about helping other female business owners to grow their confidence, discover their inner power and take meaningful action. I’ve created a series of tailored courses, and I can’t wait to help you discover your best you and create a mind-blowing out of this world life that you’re totally obsessed with.

About you

A better life is calling to you, but something’s getting in your way.

You are incredibly driven, energetic and determined. But you’re struggling to create the kinds of results you really crave and experience that intense joy and exhilaration. 

You’re tired of just going through the motions in your life and business. You’re done living out groundhog day every day. 

You just know you’re meant to be living life all in and you’re finally ready for things to change for good

You’re ready to play full out. You’re ready to stop playing defence and start playing offence. You’re ready to become the main character of your life rather than the invisible co-star.

It’s time to go all out and create the most mind-blowing life.  

My Happy Clients Say:

When my entrepreneurial tank is empty, she fills me up and makes me search for an even bigger tank. Thanks for all the great value your share with us, Olivia.

Olivia is great and what she does. Very inspiring and motivational with great coaching skills. She helped see and realize some things about myself and business that can totally be accomplished. She rocks and would recommend her to anybody. I am so glad we met.
I had a Clarity call with Olivia recently and she was simply amazing. Her energy and passion spoke in volumes to me, and ignited so much inspiration within. I sensed a real connection with Olivia, and she instinctively knew the levels of my potential.

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