A little bit about me

Half-French, half-Belgian, I was born in Tokyo. I grew up living in Dusseldorf, Johannesburg, Vienna, and Hamburg. After finishing my Bachelors in Finance in Boston, I moved to London to work in Finance for 3 years.

After a life-changing coaching experience, I quit my job in Finance and completed a Master’s in Psychology and Psychiatry at King’s College and a Coaching Qualification with The Coaching Academy.

I’m insanely obsessed with helping women entrepreneurs go from feeling frustrated and tired of not seeing sales and engagement in their business to make a steady flow of cash flow.

I know how it feels to have a soul calling and be so incredibly passionate about a business and yet not know how to convert that passion and desire to contribute to consistent levels of income and incredible ideal clients.

I specifically help women who are ALL about contribution, impact and truly being of service. They just want help on how to actually make LOTS of money doing it!

How I Work

1. The Membership Tribe is where you’ll get access to incredibly powerful weekly mindset video trainings and weekly LIVE Q&As. This is truly where I consolidate the 140,000 USD I’ve invested in myself working with the best mentors and coaches in the world. You get to massively accelerate your results with an incredibly low investment. It also gives you a chance to get to know me better and see how I work! 😉 You’re going to love it if you resonate with my vibe ;)!

2. You’ll also see me hosting different live online programs monthly that have a HUGE level of energy & exhilaration that you won’t experience at that level anywhere else. If you’d love to be notified the next time I host a program, make sure to sign up below.

3. If you want more of an IMMERSIVE experience whereby you truly transform and change your life on the spot, I host in-person events in different cities around the world. These happen a few times a year. Make sure you’re signed up below if you want to know when these are hosted.

4. I work with only a handful of 1:1 clients each year who are OBSESSED with their soul calling. Their business is a true MISSION. They’re incredibly HUNGRY to serve.

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I’m OBSESSED with serving others.
I’m OBSESSED with learning.
I’m OBSESSED with being a catalyst for women entrepreneurs to make their impact in the world.

Contact me for more information about my speaking engagements.

Past Speaking Engagements:

King’s College Institute of Psychiatry
General Assembly July 2015
Making it BiG in Entrepreneurship Event London February 2016
Women Entrepreneurs Event San Francisco June 2016
Making it BiG in Entrepreneurship Event London November 2016