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How is your mind trying to hook you?

In Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT), they talk about how our mind can try and “hook us” with stories, thoughts.

Has your mind being doing that recently?

It’s common for this to happen.

Sometimes our mind says things like :

“Don’t do that. It might not be a good idea.”


“I don’t really feel like it. I can just do it later or tomorrow morning.”


“What will people think? Maybe best not to do it.”


“I’ll just do this other easier thing first.”

It’s crazy the number of stories our mind makes up during the day to avoid us doing the things that matter to us!

There are aligned steps we can take daily towards our values and goals, and yet so many of us miss out on TAKING these steps because of what our mind says to us.

I noticed this earlier this morning when I wanted to work on my email funnel. My mind came up with a story of how I wasn’t really in the mood and it’s better to do the marketing when I’m feeling really motivated and creative.

And it was SO convincing. My mind was telling me this story. And I almost bought it!

That’s how convincing our mind is.

Our minds are constantly coming up with these incredibly convincing stories of why we shouldn’t take action on our values!

And the stories feel SO real. And the excuses our mind makes up are SO WELL argued that we oftentimes believe them!

In ACT (Acceptance Commitment Training), they talk about the benefit of making TOWARDS MOVES rather than AWAY MOVES.

So for example, anytime you take an action that means moving away from your true values and goals, it’s called an “AWAY MOVE”.

Any time you take a step towards your desires and values, it’s called a “TOWARDS MOVE”.

So when your mind tells you, “just snooze your alarm, you can exercise later.”


“Don’t write now, you’re not in the mood. It won’t be any good.”


“What if you do that and they judge you for it?”

If you then AVOID taking those actions due to those stories, you’re making an AWAY MOVE!

So today, I want you to notice when your mind tries to hook you with a really convincing excuse or story! And when you can, I want you to make a “TOWARDS MOVE” and release the story. TAKE THE ACTION even if your mind brings up a really convincing argument.

How do you know which move is a value based move? It’s the move that will move you closer to your goals and dreams. The action that would move you closer to living a more fulfilling and rich life.

You’ll be surprised how many times your mind tries to hook you with reasons, excuses and stories not to take action! But it’ll feel SO good to be aware of this and to still take actions towards your goals despite what your mind and your doubts have to say about it.


This might sound crazy but..

Anything you see in the world is available to you. Anything you want and have an image of is doable and achievable.

I know this sounds crazy but YOU can honestly create the vision you have of your business.

You might think it’s unrealistic or impossible – especially for someone like you – but actually it’s realistic and possible for someone like you.

Because building a dream is like building a house. You just build it brick by brick.

That’s it. There’s nothing “fancy” or “special” about it.

Sometimes you’ll lay down the wrong brick in the wrong place. But then if you just persist, ask for help, and keep going?

With enough trial and error? You’ll build the house. Brick by brick.

Isn’t that crazy? That YOU can build your dream brick by brick? That it can really be THAT simple?

The real ‘trick’ is persistence. That’s it. Besides that, you don’t need to be special, unique, super intelligent or super organized.

You just need to keep putting one brick on top of another. And be willing to make mistakes and then try again. Until you have a house built.

It takes time. It takes effort. It takes learning new skills. It takes persistence.

But it’s 100% doable for the most ordinary person. Because ultimately we’re all the same.


And if I’m right? You’re human, right? Right.

That means you’re capable of building this dream of yours.

Brick by brick.

That’s all it takes.

You might be thinking… yes but I don’t know which bricks to use Olivia?!!?

And how am I meant to know how I lay these bricks?!

What is the right order? How do I arrange them?

It’s completely normal to have those thoughts.

And guess what? The answers to those questions are ALL available to you.

There are blogs on how to build a 7 figure business beauty business. There are YouTube videos on how to make 6 figures in real estate. There are books on Amazon on how to build a multi-million dollar franchise. There are books on how to become the next Disney. There are books on how to become a famous novel writer.

That’s the crazy thing these days: there are incredible books from amazing experts on how to build any kind of dream and how to scale any kind of business.

The steps on how to build it are available EVERYWHERE online and on Amazon!

So if you’re wondering which bricks to use and how to lay those bricks to build your dream?

Google “How do I build ____________________?” or some version of that and then find books on Amazon explaining the same thing.

You’ll literally find a step by step process on HOW TO DO IT.

Sure – you might want to add your own special sauce. And you can do that. But the basic foundational steps out there for you to use and benefit from.

Now maybe you’re thinking, I get it. It’s doable. It’s achievable. I can build and scale my business and my dreams.

But maybe you know you haven’t been EXECUTING. You avoid taking action. You procrastinate. You lack the motivation. The energy. The intensity required to keep going day after day.

If that’s you? That’s where I’d love to help.

The Pure Mindset & Habits Membership Tribe is designed to get YOU to actually TAKE ACTION.

Because often it’s not that we don’t know what to do, it’s that we avoid DOING IT!

The Tribe doors are currently closed, but keep your eyes peeled for when they re-open if this is for you!

And remember – in no way do you need to be “special” or “smart” or “perfect” to build a dream or business.


Do you remember a time when you felt truly energized and ALIVE in your business?

Where you were bursting with energy?

What was going on at that time?

What did you believe about your ability to succeed?

What did you believe your business at the time?

What did you think could happen?

What did you imagine would happen in the future?

Were you hopeful?

Did you believe something amazing was possible for you?

There’s a good chance that at the time you had a vision for what you really wanted.

And more importantly you were determined to make it happen!

There’s also a good chance that the vision or dream or desire really excited you. It was something you really really really wanted.

And… not only that… there’s a good chance that at that time… you REALLY believed you could succeed at making it happen.

There was a big part of you that actually thought… this could really happen! I could seriously do this! I can create this – I can MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

When we REALLY want something and we REALLY believe we can make it happen and we know we have control over making it happen…we feel energized.

We feel excited.

We feel lit up.

We feel alive.

We feel inspired.

We feel optimistic.

We feel hopeful.

And these feelings of hope, excitement, optimism, inspiration tend to generate MORE ACTION.

The increase of action in our business then creates more progress and change… which increases the feelings of optimism and excitement. AND they also increase the belief that YES this is possible. YES I can do this. YES this work and this action is worth the effort and time. YES it’s worth taking these steps even if sometimes they are tedious.

And it’s a cycle.

More action >> higher belief that it’s possible >> more results >> more action >> higher belief that it’s possible >> more results >> and the cycle continues.

Now sometimes… something can happen that makes the cycle go in reverse.

And maybe that’s what you’re experiencing right now…

Less action >> lower belief that it’s possible >> less results >> less action >> lower belief that it’s possible >> less results.

When we procrastinate… and we stop taking aligned action… and we put things off day after day… and we let our feelings and our fearful thoughts dictate our choices… before long our results slow down and before long we might start thinking:

*Maybe this won’t actually work.
*This isn’t working.
*I haven’t made any progress.
*Is this even worth this much effort?
*What’s the point? My goals and dreams are so far off.
*This is going to take forever.
*Ugh, it’s so slow.
*Nothing’s working.

Have you ever had any of those thoughts?

Have you ever felt this way?

I definitely have.

And I know that 99% of my clients have felt this way at some stage(s) in their business.

The worst part about it? It’s a cycle.

So the LESS aligned action we take the LESS hope, optimism and excitement we feel.

The LESS aligned action we take, the LESS results we see in our business.

But guess what?


You’re capable of doing that.

And the cool thing is? That once you do, it’ll just build and build and build like a snowball. Because it’s a reinforcing cycle.

That spark can then lead to a bigger spark … which can then lead to that fire burning within you.

Your passion and your desire for your business to grow STILL exists. And your excitement and energy isn’t gone forever.

It’s about REIGNING it.


As crazy as that feels right now, it truly is available to you. And 100% doable.

I know you can do this.

31 Deep Dive Coaching Sessions To Break Through To The Next Level

More than anything else in the world, I want YOU to create what you want.

And I mean that.

And I genuinely and completely believe it’s possible for YOU to create what you want.

It’s not impossible.

And to help you dig into what it is you truly want and help you understand what’s been stopping you or slowing you down from achieving it…

I thought it would be useful to share some coaching questions with you!! I’d recommend taking out a pen and paper and write down anything and everything that comes to mind for you as you answer the questions below.

Let it just flow out of you, without overthinking things too much.

If nothing comes up, just jump to the next question.

These are just a great way to open you up, reflect, and get some breakthroughs on the next action steps for you.

Now you’ll notice there are a series of questions that dig deeper around the same topic – that’s intentional.

It’s to get your mind to open up and come up with new answers. Also, certain wording and syntax can trigger different responses for different people. 🙂

So simply answer them one by one without judging yourself. Whatever shows up is perfect.

Let’s dig in!

1. What do you REALLY want?

2. Deep down, what do you actually want?

3. If there were no limits whatsoever, what would you want?

4. What else do you secretly want?

5. More than anything else, what do you really want?

6. If you KNEW you’d succeed and you KNEW it was worth it, what would you want then?


7. Why do you want those things?

8. What do you think those things would bring you?

9. How would you feel if you had those things in your life?

10. What would they change for you?

11. What else would be different for you if you had those things?


12. What have you already done to create what you want?

13. What other steps have you already taken to move yourself closer to what you want?

14. What have you done in the last month to move closer to what you want?


15. If you’re being honest with yourself, what’s actually been stopping you from creating what you want?

16. If I was looking at your life and business, what would I tell you is stopping you from creating what you want?

17. If Oprah was looking at your business, what would she say is stopping you from creating what you want?

18. If Richard Branson was looking at your company right now, what would he tell you is slowing you down from achieving what you want?

19. If you could travel into the future and you were looking back at this time of your life and business, what would you be able to see are the real obstacles?

20. What’s preventing you from accelerating your results?

21. What’s holding you back?

22. What is actually keeping you stuck?

23. What can you DO about it?


23. If you felt like the most powerful version of yourself, what would you CHANGE to create what you want?

24. If you had all of the confidence in the world, what would you do differently to create what you want?

25. If you fully and completely believed in yourself on every level, what new habits would you implement in your life to create what you want?

26. If you stepped into the boldest version of yourself, what actions would you take this week to really move yourself forward in your business?

27. What do you know to be true right now?


28. What are 2 steps you’re going to take right here right now today to move closer to your end goal?

29. How will you feel when you’ve taken those 2 steps?


30. What would your 6 year old self say to the version of you now about your business dreams and goals?

31. What would your 80 year old self say to the version you now about your goals and dreams?

Obviously, I’d love to hear what you got out of these coaching questions ! It shouldn’t take you too long and hopefully you’ll realize things you hadn’t before.

You’re welcome to copy and paste these questions into a word document and save it to do it again in a few weeks time.

I love asking myself these types of questions because I find I get new perspectives, new ideas and I’m able to really come up with some key action steps to move forward in my business.

ENJOY! And like I said, let me know what comes up for you as a result of them!

P.S. I know it can feel absurdly slow or scary or intense at times. But you CAN get there. Remember that you have the same human traits as everyone out there. The same bones and hair and skin. Weird? BUT TRUE. Which means if someone else can make crazy dreams come true, SO CAN YOU.

KEEP TAKING ACTION TOWARDS YOUR GOALS. KEEP MOVING FORWARD – even if you’re only crawling at times (that’s still progress).

Is your mind giving you reasons NOT to take action right now?

Does your mind give you reasons NOT to take action?

In Acceptance and Commitment Training, they call this “reason-giving”.

Our mind likes to come up with all kinds of reasons NOT to take action on what truly matters to us.

My mind says things like

“I don’t really feel like it so you shouldn’t do it now.”


“It’s boring; it’s not worth it.”


“It won’t be that good so what’s the point? Why put the effort in?”


“I’ll have more time tomorrow.”

Does your mind do the same thing?

Maybe it’s doing it right now with you?

Is your mind coming up with all sorts of very convincing and logical reasons as to why you SHOULDN’T take action right now?

Maybe it’s trying to convince you that you should clean up the house before your partner comes home.

Or maybe it’s saying you have to go buy groceries right now.

Or maybe it’s saying you should watch another training video on YouTube.

I don’t know about you but my mind loves to do this.

And it’s SO common and SO human that they have given it a name (as I mentioned above): aka “reason-giving”.

Now I want you to realize that 1. it’s completely normal and 2. you don’t have to listen to your mind all the time.

If the thought or idea your mind is giving you is helpful and allowing you to move closer to your dreams and to what matters to you then AMAZING ! Go for it!

If the thought or idea your mind is giving you is unhelpful, and pushing you to move further away from yours dreams and values, STOP. In this moment, simply label it by saying “Reason-Giving”. Then act in alignment with your actual values. How? Simply take 1 small action that would move you TOWARDS your dreams and goals.

We all have minds that give us all kinds of excuses and reasons not to make progress towards richer lives. The power is in noticing when our minds do this and then acting in accordance with our true values and business goals!

Hope you can use this today to make progress on your goals!

Stop questioning it – you CAN make this work.

Maybe you wonder if you REALLY have what it takes.

Maybe every few days you question whether it’s really possible.

Often our dreams can feel TOO good to be true.

You know?

And your mind might tell you that it’s SO far off.

What’s the point?

When will you EVER get there?

Your mind might remind you that it will take SO MUCH WORK and SO MUCH TIME.

But you know what?


There’s a chance you’re not all in right now because… a part of you is scared to really go for it again. To really commit to your dreams and business goals in a BIG REAL way.

Maybe because it hasn’t always worked out in the past.

You’ve done things that you thought would work but they didn’t.

You’ve tried a strategy that didn’t bring you the results right away.

Maybe you’ve been rejected or judged.

Maybe clients have left.

Or team members have left.

Maybe you’ve lost a lot of money.

Maybe because you’ve made mistakes and the consequences have been SO painful that now you act cautiously… maybe at times a little TOO cautiously.

You’re afraid to mess things up.

You don’t want to fail.

You don’t want to let down your clients or your team or your family.

You don’t want to be hurt or rejected.

You don’t want to feel the pain of things not working out.

You don’t want to be ridiculed.

You don’t feel like being out there judged by others.

And seriously what’s the point of doing ALL the work and taking ALL the action and putting you and your business out there… if it’s not going to work anyway?

That’s what your mind says sometimes, doesn’t it?

But actually THAT is one of your biggest obstacles at the moment right now. You’re playing so far on defense that everything is moving so slowly.

Also when you play defense, your energy is quite low. Your resolve is quite low. Your level of grit, determination and hunger is quite low.

When you play on defense and act so cautiously… it can feel comforting because you feel like there’s no risk. No chance of making mistakes.  When you move so slowly or procrastinate in your business, you NEVER get bruised or hurt. And sure you rarely disappoint others because you’re being SO careful. And you’re moving SO slowly. So it’s hard to make any kind of big mistake when you’re walking with trepidation.

But let me ask you something.

How do you feel?

Do you feel alive?

Do you feel on purpose?

Do you feel excited and determined?

Do you feel energized and engaged?

And have you made any real tangible progress over the last 6 months?

If yes, AMAZING. Keep doing what you’re doing.

If not?

Then I think you and I both know it’s time to get away from playing defense. And instead start playing offense in your business and life.


Not half way.

Not sort of.

Not kind of.

You have a business dream. You have a goal. There are things you want, right?

Can we agree that those things don’t exist in your comfort zone?

And can we both agree that continuing to tip toe around living your life won’t actually create the things you want?

That dream you have. That goal of growing and scaling your business is not going to happen in your comfort circle.

Sure you may feel safe right now. Because there’s almost zero risk.

But are you moving forward?

Are you making actual progress?

Are you creating the kind of business results you want?


You’d be surprised how much things change when you start playing offense again.

You’d be surprised what happens when you’re engaged and truly committed to your business dreams and all in rather than half in half out.

It’s time.

You are truly better than you think you are.

I know your mind tells you stories all day long of how you might not be THAT good or AS good as you think you are. And that it’ll take decades until you see any real change in your life.

But our brains are made to do that. Our brains are always looking for what could go wrong or how we might fail. Why does our brain do that? It’s evolved to do that to keep us ALIVE. To keep us from dying.

So it’s normal for your brain to say…look out for that. Watch out. Careful. You’re not that good – stay safe. Stay here. Stay quiet. Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Don’t let anyone down. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Play it safe, you never know. Be careful. STAY ALIVE BASICALLY and don’t get ostracized from the community ;).

And look it’s great that your brain does that. It’s done an awesome job of keeping you alive (by not crossing the road when it was super busy or staying far away from that cliff when you went hiking or not jumping off that rock).

Your brain has done well to keep you alive until now (if you’re reading this – your brain has done its job).

BUT that doesn’t mean you have to listen to EVERYTHING your mind says. You can distinguish what is REAL danger (staying far enough away from that snake on the dirt path) and what is NOT real danger (sending a pitch email to that company about your new product).

There’s a difference between real danger and perceived danger. And it’s time for YOU to start moving towards a life where you play OFFENSE rather than DEFENSE, even if that means experiencing fear.

Let’s get you to stop tiptoeing and to start jumping in. It doesn’t mean you can’t plan or be organized or calculating the risk involved.

But it does mean you have to start taking MORE bold aligned action in your business.

Are you ready??

How much did you procrastinate last week?

I know that for me? Who knows?! It’s probably in the hundreds. I’ve never counted!

Because it’s all the very small things we avoid. Like flossing. Or putting the dark chocolate back in the cupboard instead of eating that extra square. Or getting up and reading that book. Or booking flights. Or sending an email to my list straight away. Or calling that friend instead of scrolling. Or going for the walk.

I could go on and on.

It’s SO easy to avoid taking those actions that you KNOW you’re meant to take. The actions that would move you TOWARDS the life you want.

The actions that would move you TOWARDS your values.

The actions that would move you CLOSER to an even more fulfilling and enriching day.

Now I’m sure there are also actions you HAVE taken. There are definitely actions I took that I felt really proud of.

For example, I meditated yesterday morning even though I didn’t really feel like it.

I booked the camping site for us and my husband’s mom in December for when she’s coming to Australia so that Nathan didn’t have to do it.

I booked the place we’re staying at this weekend near Sorrento as he’s had a crazy challenging 2 weeks at work.

I got showered, dressed, and out of the house to walk the 18 minutes to this cafe even though my mind and body was feeling lazy!

I avoided scrolling on Instagram or watching The Office on Stan even though I had a real desire to just veg out this morning.

I read and learned more from a new book I’m reading.

I tracked my habits, my business numbers, and my cash flow.

I put money into my savings & investment account.

I called my parents on Sunday. I called my sister to catch up.

And I’m guessing you’re the same? I’m guessing you took actions you were proud of!

Maybe you went to the gym this week even though you REALLY didn’t feel like it?

Or maybe you worked on your art or comics last night even though your mind told you that you weren’t inspired?

Or perhaps you got showered and cooked your kid’s breakfast and made them lunch even though you felt like snoozing your alarm!

Or maybe it’s that you sent that email for your business even though you didn’t want to.

My point being is that throughout the day we have choice points. Sometimes we make choices that move us TOWARDS the life and experience we want. And other times we make choices that move us AWAY from the life and experience we want.

Those choices add up to create the results we currently have in our lives.

And something I want you to realize is that being PERFECT 100% of the time is not the goal. I like the way James Clear describes this here:

The good news is that you don’t need to be perfect. In any election, there are going to be votes for both sides. You don’t need a unanimous vote to win an election; you just need a majority. It doesn’t matter if you cast a few votes for a bad behavior or an unproductive habit. Your goal is simply to win the majority of the time.”

And my desire, my aim, and my mission is to help YOU win the majority of the time. I want you to cast MORE votes in productive and empowering habits.

I am fully aware that there will be moments and times when you cast votes for a disempowering behavior. And actually that’s what makes you human and NORMAL.

But I also know that we can ALL improve and increase the number of votes we cast towards more empowering actions, more empowering choices, and more empowering daily habits.

Habits that move us towards our dreams.

Habits that make us feel more empowered and alive.

Habits that create a more fulfilling and enriching experience.

Habits that make us feel better about ourselves at the end of the day.

Habits that create more of the kinds of results we want.

Actions and choices that move us towards our dreams and our values.

I’d love to help you INCREASE the votes you cast towards these dreams and values of yours.

Notice your mind’s stories and instead act according to your true VALUES! 

Today, your mind is going to come up with lots and lots of stories.

Stories that you’re not good enough.

Stories that you can’t.

Stories that you’ll never be able to.

Stories that it’s just never ever going to happen.

Stories that your progress is slow.

Today, notice as your mind tells you stories.

Label the story.

And then simply ask yourself if that story empowers you to move towards your values and live a fulfilling life.

If not?

Then choose a different story.

A story that empowers you to take action TOWARDS your core values and goals.

Project yourself 5 years from now and see if these actions will move you closer towards what you REALLY want.

Your mind will always come up with stories.

But you don’t just have to listen.

You can listen and then ACT in a different way.

A way that moves you closer to your dreams.


You said you’d do something.

It’s now June 2019.

Have you done it yet?

Or have you given up on that dream?


Maybe you didn’t tell anyone else or maybe you told the whole world and your partner.

Either way, you told YOURSELF you’d do it.

You’d make it happen.

Well – let me ask you something.

Have you built it?

Have you achieved the thing?

Have you kept your word to yourself?


Why not?

What’s held you back?

Oh I’m sure (like me) you have ALL of the reasons. ALL of the excuses. ALL of the answers for why you didn’t keep your word to yourself.

But can I ask you something?

How has it affected others?

You not keeping your word to yourself… how has that affected those around you?

How has it affected your children?

How has it affected your partner?

How has it affected your friends?

Your parents?

Your customers?

Your team?

Your future customers?

Let’s get honest.

You didn’t keep your word to yourself.

And maybe it’s time to REALLY face that.

And ask yourself if that’s good enough.

If actually deep down you KNOW you’re capable of MORE.

That actually you’ve used every excuse under the sun to avoid the truth that you got scared.

Is it time for you to KEEP your word and make this thing happen?

After all, it’s only YOUR life.



If I asked you why you do what you do, what would you tell me?

“I’m passionate about it.”

“I just love it.”

“It’s what I’m most interested in.”

“It doesn’t feel like work because it’s what I’m really into.”

“I’m just obsessed with it – I don’t know why.”

I don’t think we ‘choose’ our passions, our business ideas, our desires.

I think they just happen.

If you’re passionate about acupuncture and essential oils, you can’t always explain why… you just are!

If you’re passionate about event planning, you can’t always explain why… you just are!

If you’re passionate about health or finance or math or memory or PR, you can’t always explain why.. you just are!

I personally don’t think we ‘choose’ what we’re passionate about.

I think it just sort of happens.

And my point is this: you didn’t CHOOSE to be ridiculously obsessed and passionate about the dream and company you have.

You just are.

And so when you question your ability to achieve your next big business goal, I want you to remind yourself that you didn’t have a choice.

You fell in love with this area of yours.

The field you’re in matters to you.

It’s what you care about.

It’s what you’re interested in.

So stop worrying about whether or not you’re GOOD ENOUGH to achieve the next big business goal… instead realize you have no real choice.

This passion and obsession chose you (who knows why) so now it’s up to you to live into it and capitalize on it as much as possible.

We don’t choose what we fall in love with.

It just sort of happens.

So it chose you.

Your calling, your dream, your business.

It chose you.

Now it’s up to you to choose it back.

You don’t think you’re worthy of growing your restaurant business? Guess what? You have no alternative 😉 – it’s what you’re passionate about. So there is no other option or choice for you. It’s this or nothing.

You don’t think you’re smart enough to scale your PR company? Guess what? You don’t have an other option. This is your passion. So it’s either this or nothing at all.

You don’t think you’re capable of leading a team in your growing beauty business? Guess what? Yeah. You guessed it. You don’t have an alternative. THIS is what you’re passionate about. So there is no other ‘thing’ to do. This is it. Too bad; you’re going to have to ALLOW yourself to do this thing you love. Because what’s the alternative? Doing nothing? That’s absurd. With your 1 life, you’re going to do NOTHING instead of growing your passion business? That’s insane.

We don’t choose our passion.

It’s just the thing we’re passionate about.

And there’s no way around it.

It is what it is.

Stop fighting it. And instead start leaning in…



You know how you’ve been LISTENING to your negative inner chatter?

That’s right.

You know how not only have you been listening to that negative voice in your mind, but you’ve been letting her ride the show?

You know how you’ve been taking action and making decisions based on that little pessimistic voice of yours?

Now listen up.

It’s completely normal to have doubt…to question things… to worry… and to have fear.

It’s normal.

EVERY business owner experiences that doubt.

BUT just because you have that inner chatter does NOT mean you let it dictate your life and business choices.

Because when you do, you end up with VERY frustrating business results.

You end up with lower revenue, lower profit, lower impact, lower exposure, lower everything really.

Sure – that voice is going to be there.

And sure – she’s VERY convincing.

And SURE – she makes a great argument.

But you can’t just let her win.

You can’t just follow her every whim, her every thought, her every opinion, her every belief.

Because the more you do that, the more you drop. Lower and lower and lower.

Until one day you wake up… you look at your business and life and wonder how is it that I was never able to grow this?

How is it that I was never able to create what I wanted?

How is it that I seem to be where I was decades ago?

I’ll tell you exactly why.

It’s because YOU made decisions and took action and showed up from that space.

That little voice that says: “Nobody cares.”

That little voice that says: “Nobody will buy.”

That little voice that says: “There’s no point.”

That little voice that says: “It’s too late.”

That little voice that says: “It’s not really working anyway.”

That little voice that says: “You don’t matter.”

That little voice that says: “You’ll never get there.”

That little voice that says: “Nothing’s changed.”

The more you follow that little voice…the more you act accordingly…

The more you respond, behave, and live from that voice…the more your results will reflect that.

It’s time you stopped doing that.

It’s time you made a decision to act from a different space.

From a different mindset.

From a different mind.

Don’t let that voice bring you down to the extent where you wonder why you ever thought it was possible for you to live out your dream.

That voice will make you question everything you’ve ever worked for.

And that voice will make you doubt whether anything you’ve ever dreamed of is truly achievable.

That voice is your only real obstacle.

And YOU have the power to override it.


Can I remind you of a time when you were fearless…

A time when you knew and trusted that what you wanted was available and achievable.

A time when you simply believed in what you wanted and knew it was allowed.

A time when you would have just gone after it with gusto and exhilaration.

It’s funny how sometimes with time, experiences, life, and various events, you can slow down.

You can start recoiling, contracting, and playing small.

All of a sudden, that trust and faith and courage you once had slowly contracts.

And you notice yourself playing on defense.

Cautious, tiptoeing, careful, watching your every move in case it’s the wrong one.

Now don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of value in learning from your past.

Learning from your mistakes.

Learning from previous failure.

But that’s all it’s meant to be GROWTH and LEARNING.

It shouldn’t instill in you a lack of trust.

You’re allowed to still trust yourself.

If you notice yourself lacking that self belief and that trust in yourself…

I want you to ask yourself, what do I now believe that I didn’t used to believe?

For example,

🤔’do you believe that you can no longer trust yourself because you made the wrong choices in the past?’

🤔’do you believe you can’t trust yourself because you went down the wrong path when you did?’

🤔’do you believe that if you trust yourself again and take actions that you’ll end up making the same mistakes again?’

🤔’do you believe that if you fully trust yourself, you’ll end up with the same consequences you’re dealing with now?’

🤔’do you believe that if you trusted yourself again, you’d lose sight of the learnings and go down the wrong path again?’

The beliefs you have are what are causing you to feel the way you feel.

The beliefs you have are what are causing you to behave so cautiously.

The beliefs you have are what are causing you to feel so much doubt, fear and overwhelm.

The beliefs you have are what are causing you to act in the way you’re acting.

Stop for a second and ask yourself…

What am I believing that I didn’t used to believe?

What am I believing about business?

What am I believing about my future?

What am I believing about myself?

Because those beliefs are dictating your current experience, behavior, and response to circumstances…

And by the way… you can ALTER those beliefs at any point using mindset work and action…



Nor does your motivation.

But what does happen is your beliefs can shift.

Events in your life can affect you.

Thoughts can get you to feel a certain way.

Sometimes you forget WHY you’re doing something.

Sometimes you simply don’t believe what you want is possible.

Sometimes you question everything.

And guess what, it’s your mind (your beliefs and thoughts) that get you to FEEL driven and FEEL motivated.

So if you’re not “feeling” driven…it’s time to look at your mind and what you’re thinking…

I’ve always known (deep down) that the MOST significant part of success is your level of DRIVE and HUNGER.

Because without HUNGER and DRIVE?

You won’t keep coming back.

You’ll give up when things don’t show up as fast as you’d like them to.

You’ll stop…

And don’t get me wrong, I DO believe it comes down to your:

*Daily habits

Etc. Of course those things matter. BUT in my mind and in my opinion, they are not the true key.

Because those mean NOTHING if you’re not hungry.

When you’re hungry, you go above and beyond.

When you’re hungry, you spend the extra hour.

When you’re hungry, you don’t seem time fly by.

When you’re hungry, you’re willing to put in the hours to learn marketing and sales.

When you’re hungry, you’re willing to work on your long-haul flight.

When you’re hungry, you’re willing to do that funnel 23 times.

When you’re hungry, you’re willing to do more interviews to find the right person for your team.

When you’re hungry, you persist when nothing seems to be working.

When you’re hungry, your passion permeates everything you do.

And my question to you is, where’s your hunger at?

I’m guessing that if your hunger, drive and ambition isn’t where it was 6 months or 18 months ago… it could be because of your BELIEFS.

I want you to look at what’s changed since that time when you were SO freaking hungry and ambitious about your dreams and your next level.

What did you USED to believe about what was possible for you?

What did you USED to believe about yourself?

What did you USED to believe about what you were doing in your company?

What did you USED to believe about your future?

What did you USED to believe?

Because I can tell you right now that what you USED to believe is what made you that hungry.

And it’s time to challenge, question and possibly make a U-TURN on those beliefs.

Let me tell you something.

Your passion, drive, ambition and dreams haven’t ‘gone anywhere’.

It’s your beliefs that have possibly changed.

And guess what?

You have the power and choice to change them again.

Want the drive back?

Look at what YOU used to believe and change your beliefs back to that.



What do you believe about your next level in business?

Do you believe it’s impossible?

Do you believe you’re not smart enough to make it happen?

Do you believe it’ll take 20 years?

Do you believe nobody cares?

Do you believe you’re terrible at sales?

Do you believe you’re awful at managing others?

Do you believe you’re just not capable of it?

Do you believe everyone will see through it and you and will think it’s garbage?

What are you believing about achieving your next level in business?

I can tell you that whatever it is you believe is impacting your every choice, your every action, all of it.

When you believe you’re terrible at sales, you’ll act accordingly.

When you believe you’re awful with money, you’ll act accordingly.

When you believe you’re not capable of succeeding, you’ll act accordingly.

When you believe it’ll take you 20 years to get to the next level, you’ll act accordingly.

Now there maybe some truth to what you believe… BUT you have more power than you think around changing it.

So if you truly are bad at sales… you can read a book on sales, and put in practice what you learn, and apply it, and learn, and improve, and make mistakes, and improve some more… and become one of the best sales people out there.

If you’re awful with money…maybe you’re right 😉 but why not change it? Read books about wealth management. Read books about money. Watch trainings from David Bach. Learn, read, and put it in practice in your life.

My point being is this… your beliefs right now are causing you to act in certain ways.

And if you want NEW results in your business and life, you’re going to have to look at those beliefs, and CHANGE them.

And you change them both through mindset work AND through ACTION.

Like learning new skills.

Adding new habits in your life.

You can change.

You can change your results too.

It’s true. EVEN for you.

EVEN with your current circumstances.



I think it’s easy to look at your current results and feel frustrated.

It’s easy to be hard on yourself. To make yourself feel bad for not being where you want to be in business (or in life).

But in those moments, I think we forget that we have the ability to pick up ANY skills in ANY area at any time.

You’re not done.

You’re not ‘finished’.

This is not ‘the end’.

It’s just where you are now.

It’s not where you’ll end up.

And the key is to remember that you can pick up new skills.

You can improve your sales skills.

You can improve your money management skills.

You can improve your leadership skills.

You can improve your business skills.

And with new skills (and execution of those skills) comes new results.

Something I tell my clients is that your current results are simply feedback.

They are not ‘personal’.

Your bank account, your business account, the weight on the scale, the love life you have … it’s all just feedback.

Your bank account doesn’t feel emotional about YOU.

Your scale doesn’t care about the number that shows up when you step on it.

We are the ones who bring in the disempowering narrative.

We tell a story.

About what it means.

We make up a narrative.

And that brings up feelings.

Ideally though, you want to remove the story. And see the results are they are: numbers, stats, data, feedback really.

And with numbers and data, you can simply enter new inputs to have a different output.

So if you change your routines, your habits, your actions, your thinking patterns, you’ll start seeing NEW numbers. NEW data. NEW stats.

Whatever result you have in business right now is just FEEDBACK. Learn from it and then start again.

You’ll continue to get new feedback.

And the more feedback you get (results), the easier it’ll be to know what you to tweak and modify in your habits.

So keep going.

Keep bringing in new habits.

Keep changing your mindset.

Keep programming your mind with new beliefs.

Keep adding in new routines.

Stay consistent.

And watch how the “feedback” in your business changes.


Feel like such a nerd saying that but it truly is game-changing.

If your objective in life and business is GROWTH, PROGRESS and IMPROVEMENT, you will feel SO much more fulfilled and in alignment.

The aim is NOT to change overnight. I sometimes thought it was.

And actually what I’ve learned is MORE powerful is actually changing over time through NEW daily habits.

When you change your thinking habits and your action habits and even your emotional habits and responses,


And the key?

Is daily habits.


What you do every day is what is creating your life and business.

What you do on an hour by hour basis IS the cause of your results.

If you want DIFFERENT RESULTS, you’re going to have change your HABITS.

The things you do each day.

But not just your action habits, your THINKING habits too.

Because what you focus on and what you say to yourself and what you choose to think about is what creates your behavior!

I want you to really remember that you CAN improve over time.

Right now today, if you START a new daily habit… in 6 months time, you will TANGIBLY see NEW results.

Isn’t that amazing?

Whether it’s a thinking habit or an action habit, doing it daily will CHANGE your life within 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years.

And that’s the power of focusing on IMPROVEMENT, PROGRESS and GROWTH.

It’s not an overnight thing. It’s a commitment to daily habits that OVER TIME give you the results you want.

Girl. Fall in love with the DOING of the daily habits.

Fall in love with the work itself NOT the goal.

Fall in love with the HABITS.

Because then you’ll be blissed out and feeling grateful every day.

Not just one day out of 365 days!


It can and WILL change your life IF you put in the work.

Honestly. It’s POWERFUL.

For example, I want you to think about an area of your life where you’re absolutely CRUSHING it!

Aka, an area of your life where you’re doing REALLY well.

It could be with your kids.

Or it could be in your love life.

Or your body.

Or your friendships.

Or anything else.

Think about that area.

And now think about how YOU perceive yourself in that area.

Do you feel like a complete BADASS in that arena?


Take a second to really reflect on how you see yourself in that particular area… what do you believe about yourself?

How do OTHERS perceive you in that area?

What do you FOCUS on when it comes to that area?

Now…. think about your business or your finances. How do you perceive yourself in business or finances?

Do you feel a sudden energy shift?

Do you notice a different mood settling in?

Do you notice a LACK of confidence or LESS power?

The self image we hold and the beliefs we have in the area of business is what determines HOW we show up in it:
The thoughts we have, the actions we take, the choices we make, even the ENERGY we give off to others.

AND THAT. THAT MINDSET has an impact on the results you’re getting in business.

I was thinking about this with regards to soccer for me. It’s an area I feel incredibly confident in.

And it’s where I shine and it’s always where I really allow myself to “take up space” and fully OWN the role I play on the team, in a game etc.

For example, some of the beliefs I hold in this area are: “I can absolutely smash it.” “Of course I can be amazing in a game.” “It’s so easy for me to improve and get better.” “I feel confident I can crush it.” I share this with you to get YOU to think about YOUR current beliefs when it comes to your business… What are they like?

What are your thoughts like?

How do you see yourself?

And realize that you can CHOOSE to change how you see yourself at ANY point! You can ALWAYS choose to change your MINDSET. IT’S NOT SET IN STONE. 😙



In a way, it felt like there WAS a secret to increasing results… But I didn’t know what that secret was.

And so I always felt like I was missing out on the one secret that would get me better results in business.

Aka more money. More sales. More epic clients. More impact. More engagement. More leads. And the list goes on.

But because I believed there was a ‘secret’, it left me feeling stuck and frustrated a lot of the time when I first started.

At some point, after reading mindset books and getting coached 1:1, I realized there was no “secret”. BUT there were new SKILLS & HABITS.

Skills I could learn and improve on.

And NEW daily habits I could start implementing.

So for example, I learned that I could IMPROVE my selling skills.

I also learned that I could IMPROVE my marketing skills.

And my meditation skills.

And my content creation skills.

And my networking skills.

And my communication skills.

And my money management skills.

And my wealth building skills.

I realized ‘oh I see… I can LEARN how to improve these skills. AND that in turn will get me bigger results.’ At the same time, I found out NEW DAILY HABITS would get me NEW RESULTS.

So for example, by doing 1 sales activity a day (like posting a blog with a call to action or sharing an Instagram live and selling at the end), I was INCREASING the number of sales leads I was making over time.

Now, this all seems so obvious.

But at the time, I didn’t UNDERSTAND where my results were coming from.

Now I get that they come from my SKILL level and my DAILY HABITS (which including my thinking and mindset habits). I thought I’d share this with you to remind you that ALL of your results right now are due to YOU.

And only you.

So if you want DIFFERENT and BIGGER results, increase your skills (sales, meditation, visualization, managemnet, marketing etc). AND implement a few new DAILY habits (journaling, asking for referrals daily, exercise etc) that will drastically increase your business results.

And OVER TIME, you will WITHOUT A DOUBT experience an increase in your results!👌


And there was ZERO doubt about it.

It was a done deal.

And you didn’t have to guess or wonder or assume.

You were GUARANTEED you’d have what you want WITHIN 6-12 months…

Don’t you think you’d be in MORE of a hurry to go out there and create it?! Wouldn’t you be more excited? More enthusiastic?

More pumped and happy and grateful for what was to come?

More motivated and driven and energized and pleased to go through the process of building it?


And I wonder if it’s time for you to ACT like this is true.

Because let’s think about the opposite.

The opposite is you saying it may happen within the next 6-12 months but it may also happen over the next 180 months!? Or the next 20 years?!?

I mean… is it surprising that you’re NOT mega motivated to go out there and do the work if you think it’s going to take you 20 years to build it?!

I think the reason so many people don’t feel or experience any urgency is because there’s a large part of them that doesn’t think their dreams are going to happen any time soon!

And therefore instead of being out there eagerly taking action and LOVING the journey, they’re meandering…walking so slowly towards the destination because deep down they think it might take another 20 years for them to build or worse that it may never come to life!?

Ask yourself what would be more empowering to believe?

And what BELIEF would accelerate the results?

What would you need to believe to REALLY MAKE THIS THING HAPPEN?! Ultimately you’re the one making up the belief anyway! It’s not fact.

So you might as well choose a belief that’s going to get you to create the thing you want more quickly!!

Ask yourself… how long do I believe it’s going to take for me to create my next level results? 

Whatever you answer is a GREAT indicator of how you feel and the level of action you’ve been taking this week!

And ask yourself if it’s time to CHANGE that belief and anchor in a new one! Remember that a belief is just a THOUGHT (that you hold a lot of certainty to).


Look, if you keep thinking the same thoughts and acting in the same way, why would the results you get in business change?

But imagine if you CHANGED your beliefs, your thinking habits, and your actions… don’t you think your RESULTS would change?

What do you believe about yourself right now?

Do you believe you’re good at what you do?

Do you believe you’re smart?

Do you believe you can learn to get better?

Do you believe you can succeed?

Determine what you believe about yourself and then ask yourself if THOSE are the most empowering beliefs you could have.

For example, 
maybe it’s time for you to REALLY believe that YOU can do anything you set your mind to, without limitation!

Maybe it’s time for you to believe you can LEARN any skill in ANY area at ANY time!

Maybe it’s time for you to believe that you’re just as capable as anyone else out there to SCALE your business.

Maybe it’s time for you to believe you can change the beliefs you have about yourself.

Also, what do you believe about your industry?

What do you believe about making money?

What do you believe about creating leads and clients?

Notice if the beliefs you hold about those things are EMPOWERING or DISEMPOWERING to you.

Wouldn’t it be MORE empowering for you to believe that you can become the best in the industry?

Wouldn’t it be MORE empowering for you to believe that you CAN make a lot of money in your field?

Wouldn’t it be more empowering for you to believe that you can LEARN how to create consistent leads and clients?

Because this is the thing about beliefs: they make us act in a particular way.

For example, if you believe it’s possible for you to become the best in the industry, you’ll ACT accordingly. You’ll find ways to LEARN, to INNOVATE, to research, to ADD more value, to CREATE more, to GIVE more, to SERVE more.

What we believe affects the way we act!

So, isn’t it time YOU worked on changing the beliefs you have?

It is SIMPLE to change your beliefs. It really is!