You’re OBSESSED with serving. This business is not just a “business” for you, it is a CALLING, a movement, a mission. You simply cannot do anything BUT do this.

You’re obsessed about working with the best so that you can be the best to help as many people as possible and you’re ready to be coached by someone who’s just as obsessed as you are about your calling. Someone who understands how important this is to you and how badly you want results.

I’m ONLY the right coach for you if and only if you are:

1) OBSESSED with learning. And when I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED. Not a little. Or very interested. No. Obsessed.

2) OBSESSED with serving your IDEAL audience. Like seriously obsessed with helping others. That’s EVERYTHING for you. Caring for your ideal audience.

3) This is your calling. This is not just your “business”, it’s a CALLING. A MISSION. A MOVEMENT. You simply CANNOT do anything but this.

4) You are HUMBLE. This business is not about significance. Or proving something. Or being famous. You don’t care at all about fame. You are in it for the mission. And service. Which means you’ll unintentionally end up being famous.

5) You LOVE expansion and freedom. Anything that makes you feel trapped makes you want to RUN. You’d happily throw money away or say NO if it means less freedom.

6) VARIETY. You get bored easily if you do the same thing all the time so you love TRAVELLING and changing it up!

7) You feel an URGENCY to change, grow and create results NOW. Not 3 months from now. Not even 4 weeks from now. NOW. YOU ARE HUNGRY AND WANT RESULTS AND CHANGE NOW. You find laziness and complacency gross.

8) You don’t make excuses. You take FULL responsibility for every area of your life. You know YOU are in charge of changing what’s not working and no one else. In NO way are you a victim. You’re in the driver’s seat.

9) You have loads of energy, bubbliness, joy, and life! People often remark how energised and cheerful you are! You are super optimistic!

If you’re screaming yes to EVERY SINGLE STATEMENT ABOVE and you’re thinking “OH MY GOD THIS IS SO ME”, fill out the form below to get on the waiting list to work with me at a premium 1:1 level.

I didn’t become one of the most well known women entrepreneurs online by playing small and holding back. I went ALL IN and I acted FROM the place where I wanted to be and this is what you need to realise – the thinking and the aligned actions that got you here will not get you THERE.

Therefore it’s time you start thinking and acting like the POWERFUL SOUL-BASED LEADER you know you are. I coach the most ambitious and committed soul-based women entrepreneurs on the planet and if that’s you – time to STEP UP so that MORE people can be impacted by YOU NOW!

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