How To Grow Your Business Results

I’m guessing that – like me – you’re eager to grow your business results.


Deep down, you probably know you could be accelerating your progress. As a driven and ambitious go-getter, you’re keen to make things happen! Ideally, quickly too!


Well, there is a way to move more quickly towards achieving your business goal.


Here’s how you can grow your business results & speed things up:


1. Imagine you’d already hit your goal in business. Actually take a few moments to imagine that it’s done. Really done. Are you there yet? Don’t worry about being perfect at this. You don’t have to be. Just imagine or pretend like you did when you were a child.  Imagine what it would look like, feel like and be like.


2. Alright now that your goal is done, I want you to think about who YOU would be. Like when you project yourself into the future where you’ve achieved your goal, how are YOU different as a person?


3. For example, what do you believe about yourself now that you’ve achieved this goal? What do you believe about success? What do you believe about money? What  do you believe about what else is possible for you now that you’ve achieved your goal?


4. Now that you’ve achieved your goal, what is your morning like? What are your business habits now? What’s your energy like? I’d recommend writing this all down on a piece of paper or in a Word document on your laptop.


5. Now let me ask you something. Instead of waiting to BECOME that version of you. The version of you that has THOSE beliefs, THOSE habits, THOSE routines, THAT energy, THAT posture. What would happen if you BECAME that version of you now? Do you think it would naturally accelerate your results?

Of course it would! If suddenly you changed your beliefs, your habits, your routines, your posture, your attitude, your focus, your thinking… don’t you think that would change your external results?


6. So that’s the next step! Actually embodying this next level version of you. Living into that version of you. Adopting her thinking, her focus, her rituals, and her choices. Living as her now.


Is this scary to do? Yes. VERY scary. Because it requires you to do things you’ve never before and act and think in ways you’ve never done before. 


That’s one of the reasons why my clients work with me in The BOLD Tribe. To have the support and guidance to not have to do it alone.


Getting out of your comfort zone like this and becoming this next level you can be nerve-wrecking. But it WILL change your results.


You’ll naturally start calling in different outcomes. Just due to the changes of who you’re being. And how you’re acting.


What do you think ? Are you up for it? I’ve done this in multiple areas of my life and it’s worked like magic! It’s powerful beyond belief. And it’s exciting.


I’ve actually designed a super simple free guide for you to work on this in your own time. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to fill out plus it’s going to be really exhilarating to uncover who this next level you would be.


You can download the free guide “Become The Next Level You” here or at the bottom of this page!


Let me know in the comments if you’re excited to try this out for yourself!




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