How do I get rid of limiting beliefs?

First of all, let’s get clear on what limiting beliefs are. They are thoughts, ideas or opinions that you have that hold you back in some way.



Why would you want to get rid of limiting beliefs? Because they slow you down! They get in the way of making progress in your life and business. They slow down your revenue growth, profit, and overall business results!


The first limiting belief I discovered was that I wasn’t smart enough to figure things out in my business. This massively slowed me down.


For example, I would avoid learning new strategies like email marketing, Facebook Ads, web development, selling, optins, SEO, iMovie, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, PayPal! Everything basically!


The reason I avoided digging into those tools and strategies was that a part of me was afraid I wouldn’t be clever enough to figure out how to use them. So I would avoid them altogether.


Looking back, that seems absolutely crazy.


But at the time, I didn’t actually know it was because of this limiting belief I had about not being smart enough.


As you can imagine though, this drastically slowed down my business growth. I wasn’t willing to learn about email marketing to grow my email list, my leads, and my client base for example. I avoided Facebook Ads like the plague because it just felt too difficult. And deep down I was just too scared I wouldn’t have the ability to succeed at it.


When I finally acknowledged and uncovered my limiting belief (that I wasn’t smart enough), I was more than ready to change it! I wanted to get rid of it! I was tired of feeling so limited by it.


What did I do to get rid of it? You’ll find the steps I took below:


1) With pen and paper at hand, I wrote down my limiting belief:


“I am not smart enough to figure things out.”



2) Then, I came up with the opposite of that belief. I had to think about that for a couple of minutes to come up with an opposing belief.  This is what I came up with at the time:


“I am more than smart enough to figure things out.”


I remember reading that new belief out loud and thinking I don’t believe that at all! That’s not true!


However, I just acknowledged my mind’s chatter and went to the next step.


3) I asked myself what is 1 piece of evidence that proves to me that I AM in fact smart enough to figure things out?


Again, this took me a little time to come up with because my mind had very little proof that this new belief was true for me.


By going back through my past experiences, at school, at uni, at my old jobs, and did my best to come up with a piece of proof that I was in fact smart enough to figure things out. Did I have any examples in my life of how I HAD in fact been clever enough to solve a problem? You really have to force your mind to come up with answers.


At first, your mind will come up blank, but keep to it.


Even if your mind says “nothing”. Keep going. Keep searching. Keep scrolling through your past life experiences to find some evidence! The more you look for it, the easier it’ll be to find it. It requires practice though. So stick to it!


Finally, I came up with a piece of evidence. And I wrote it down on my piece of paper:


“When I worked in my finance job, I was smart enough to figure out solutions to client problems.”



Once I’d written down this new empowering belief that I was in fact smart enough to figure things out in my business and a piece of evidence that proved that it was in fact true, I knew it was time to implant this into my brain.


One of the easiest ways I’d heard to do this was to create a new neural pathway through repetition.


Knowing this, I set an alarm clock to go off 3 times a day. Whenever it would go off, I repeated out loud my new belief: “I am more than smart enough to figure things out.”


Then I’d search my mind for one new piece of evidence of how this new belief was true for me.


Every time the alarm would go off, I’d repeat the belief out loud and write down a new piece of evidence for it.


I did this for about 2 weeks.


Guess what happened? I couldn’t believe it.


2 weeks later of doing this repetition, I completely believed I WAS smart enough to figure things out in my business!


It was unbelievable!


I was rid of that old belief. And now I had all of this evidence and these references to prove my new belief. So it felt SO true for me.


As you can imagine, I got to work at changing more of my limiting beliefs! It was so simple! I’d found a way to accelerate my results. 


Here’s what I recommend YOU do:


1. Write down your most limiting belief in business.

2. Write down the opposite of that belief.

3. Write down one piece of evidence of how it’s true.

4. Set an alarm three times a day.

5. Every time the alarm goes off, repeat your new empowering belief and come up with at least one new piece of proof of how it’s true for you! 

6. Repeat until you fully and completely believe your new belief at your core. 


It works! And it works WELL! Imagine what you could do in your business if you were no longer held back by your limiting beliefs!


Imagine how much your results would accelerate! Get to it! And let me know in the comments which belief you’re going to get rid of!




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