How To Get Out Of Your Head And Into Action (In Business)

As a business owner, it’s SO easy to get stuck up in your head. It’s easy to avoid getting into action and putting things off for hours, if not days!


Why? Well, as a business owner, especially as a solo-entrepreneur, you’re covering SO many positions.

For example, you’re not only the CEO of your business, but you’re also the head of marketing, advertising, sales, finance, accounting, and operations! And everything else in between.

It’s not really that surprising that as an entrepreneur you can feel overwhelmed with ALL of the things you could be doing and therefore avoid doing any of it.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of overthinking and getting lost in your head. Your goal feels huge. You start thinking about all the different actions you could be taking like:


*Should I start with my Google Ads monitoring?

*Or maybe I should check the business inbox?

*I haven’t updated the website in ages. Oh and I haven’t checked our Google Analytics either.

*And isn’t the deadline for my tax return coming up?  I need to have a look at that asap!

*Oh what about contacting that lead?

*I should probably follow up with that person from last week too.

*Maybe I should send an email to my list – it’s been ages since I’ve connected with them.

*What about making a new offer? Like a discount on Facebook or Instagram?

*Oh and I said I’d research more about content marketing to bring in more leads…


And on and on the list goes on. There are so many daily activities we COULD be doing in our business that it’s easy to just get sidetracked. Ironically, we end up procrastinating as a result of all of these ideas and thoughts !

I know that for me what used to happen a lot is that I’d think of an action to take. And then my mind would question whether THAT was the right action to take or if there was a better one available. 

I’d um and ah about it. Question whether I could do it in a better way. And before I knew it, I’d just feel so discouraged and I would have lost the spark and enthusiasm I originally had.

By the way, I’d also be no closer to my goals because it would have all happened in my head! None of it was actually happening in real life! Zero action had been taken.

Do you find that this happens to you as well?


You’re up in your head for what feels like ages, and before you know it, it’s been a couple of hours and you haven’t actually taken any productive action in your business! Very frustrating!


If that’s the case, know that you’re not alone.

But also, know that you can get unstuck.


This is what I’ve personally found is really helpful to get out of your head and into action:


1) Firstly, a habit tracker that I have on excel. It’s just a super simple sheet I made myself that just has a basic list of key daily action items for my business growth. Having this habit tracking sheet helps me simply move down the list. I don’t question it. I just work through it. EVEN when my mind is busy with thoughts.


2) Secondly, I tell myself this small affirmation “just start Olivia”. Now, this may sound obvious or dumb but it works SO well. When you’re up in your head, the last thing your mind wants to do is actually get into action.

It wants to keep bringing up reasons, excuses, overwhelm, doubts, perfectionism up. So whether I feel like it or not, whether I’m in the mood or not, whether I feel overwhelmed or not, I simply START taking action. I’ve practiced this enough times that now when I tell myself “just start Olivia”, I do just begin. It works beautifully.


3) If neither of those work, I just tell myself – look – you’re better off taking at least one small tangible step forward in your business. ANY minuscule action right now will be better than just being stuck in your mind. So, I use this question: “What is the one tiniest action you could take right now that would move the needle forward in your business?” And I mean tiniest. It could be SO small. And I do it.

You don’t know how helpful this is! Especially if you’re SO stuck in your head. It just gets you to come back down to earth and just make a tangible move forward. 


In conclusion, it’s normal to get stuck in your head as a business owner, but it doesn’t mean you have to STAY stuck. I’d recommend using those 3 steps above to get yourself out of your mind and into action asap. 

You’ll feel so much better for it. And you’ll go to bed knowing you moved an extra inch (or foot) forward towards your dreams. 

Don’t waste another hour in your head – it’s time to ACTUALLY build your dreams in a tangible way by taking ACTION. You’ve got this!

And let me know in the comments, what gets you stuck in your head? I’d love to know!




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