Expand into your next level self and call in the REAL results you want in your life and business!
This is the thing I want you to realise...

There is an area in your life right now where you are SERIOUSLY killing it.


Where EVERYTHING is just flowing, working and where you ALWAYS get results!

Maybe it's as a mum.

Maybe it's in fitness.

Maybe it's with friends.

Maybe it's in love.

Or maybe it's in something else!

I want you to think about that area...see how confident you are in it?!

Think about the types of results you get in it...yeah, it feels overall pretty damn easy right?

You don't have to overthink it, worry about it or concern yourself about it - because you simply have the daily habits and daily actions in place that get you the results NATURALLY.

Every day or every week, you simply... get those things done. Without even really thinking! It's fun, it's smooth, easy !

Of course there are days in that area where you don't "feel" like doing anything but overall?

Overall, it's a breeze, it's fun and easy. 
Effortless. Smooth. Effective.

And you ALWAYS get results. Period. The end.

And you do the work in that area - BUT... it doesn't even feel like work does it?

It feels like fun. Like FLOW.

And since you already have HABITS in that area, it's like everything just continues to WORK and you just continue to RECEIVE results in that specific area in your life.

THIS is FASCINATING, isn’t it?

It's especially fascinating because OTHER people in your life (friends, siblings, parents) might still be STRUGGLING massively in that particular area where YOU are just crushing it.

Maybe they are getting ZERO results in their love life and yet you've been happily married for 5,10,20 years...

Maybe they're MASSIVELY struggling with their fitness and their weight. And they just say how hard it is for me. And yet for you? It's a PIECE OF CAKE. It feels like you don't even have to try and you're toned, fit, and strong...

I remember when I first started my business less than 3 years ago now, I remember looking at TWO specific areas of my life where I was already kicking ass and getting results with ease:


I always saw myself as an athlete so I had the habits of one. I'd eat lots of healthy veg and protein. I would eat mostly fresh foods like lots of spinach, courgette, kale, chicory, carrots, salad....

I'd work out effortlessly 5 times a week or so without thinking about it. It would just happen.

They were intense HARD workouts too but that felt GOOD.

I'd take a rest day here and there to also do some yoga, pilates, some foam roller… constantly tuning into what I needed.

And that was it. 

I was healthy, strong, fit and super happy about my body results. I was toned and ON IT. I never had to really think about it.

And with my LOVE LIFE, it was the same thing.


I'd do amazing things for him every day. Love him. Surprise him.

I'd set up fun crazy dates. I'd support him and listen to him. I would give myself what I needed. And I cherished our relationship.

Long story short, yes I was doing the "work" aka not ignoring him but giving him amazing amounts of love and support. 

Ultimately it was effortless, smooth, easy, FUN, passionate, and just BEYOND good…. Blissful.

And I remember (back 3 years ago) looking at my business and money and thinking...

Why is THIS area different for me??

What am I doing wrong?

Why can't I make MORE sales?

Why can't it be this easy for me in business??!?

Why is it that for my love life and my fitness it's SO EASY to get results?

Why is it that for fitness or love, I don't even think about it and it feels effortless and simple… just so flow based. And although I do the so-called "work" in those areas it never ever feels like work.... and yet I get ALL the results and more and it's so fun and effortless.

Let me tell you, it pissed me off! 

I thought...

Why does it have to be so hard to get to 10K months or 6 figures or beyond?

Why can't I just make sales all day and all night just like I get results in fitness?

Why is it SO HARD in business for me to get the results I want? 
The money I want? 
The soulmate clients I want?
And then I read about IDENTITY.

How ultimately it's how we view ourselves in that area of our life.... the beliefs, the thoughts, the habits, the actions, the environment, the EVERYTHING ...

And it got me to thinking...



Of course I'm not getting the results I want in business!

And then I thought .... how do I view myself in fitness?

And I thought... how do I view myself in love?

AS THE BEST GIRLFRIEND EVERRR (and no I'm not kidding... that's how I saw myself)...

And all of a sudden, it dawned on me.

My identity. My self-image in business was NOT where it needed to be.

I REALISED A LOT HAD TO CHANGE around my self-image, my beliefs, my thinking, my "normal", my expectations, my reactions, my daily habits, my strategies, my EVERYTHING.

Until I changed the image of myself in the area of business, nothing would ever change...

And that really stuck with me.


How did I end up here where I'm now aligning to 7 FIGURES in my business?

And have an amazing team supporting me ?

And building this empire?

I got there through this type of internal work around IDENTITY.


And there is SO MUCH TO IT!


There's ALWAYS a next level to step into.

For example, even if you'd done this work a month ago, all of a sudden if you truly pull back the next layer you'll realise there are a WHOLE BUNCH of new:

*Belief systems
*Daily habits

that need changing !! For you to call in MORE sales, MORE clients, MORE money!

That's the beauty of this work around identity is that you think you're "done". You think you're implementing ALL of the necessary daily habits required to hit your 5K month or 25K month or 84K month or 100K month, and then you do this work again...and you find out you should be DOING X, Y and Z. 

Because that's what your next level self would be doing!!!

Or you realise you'd be doing X, Y, and Z on your website or in your launch or with your team.

Or you realise a whole new set of beliefs you'd have as this next level version of you.

Or you realise you'd be stepping up and speaking your truth every single day!

And that's why I love this work.

Because it never ends. There's always more to dig into, to find, to reveal and to implement OF COURSE!

Because it's not JUST about DISCOVERING all of the new emotions, belief systems, strategies you should be implementing and BEING, it's also about ACTUALLY ACTING ON IT!


That’s why I've decided to host an EPIC BADASS CRAZY INTENSE EXHILARATING SUPER FUN SUPER HIGH VIBE MEGA AWESOME 12-DAY ONLINE BOOTCAMP for you to reveal the deeper LAYER of your next level identity.

You could do this type of internal identity work on your own... yes?

But let's be honest... very often when we don't have that ass kicking, energy, motivation and momentum behind us we don't GO AS DEEP.

We don't DIG as far.

And we don't DO THE WORK as thoroughly.

Am I right?! YUP!

I know this. Because I'm the same.

When you have the accountability, the ass kicking and the specific daily work, you ACTUALLY dig SO MUCH deeper and actually UNRAVEL so much more.


The second part of this work is ACTUALLY living into it! ACTING ON IT! DOING THE THINGS that have come up from peeling back the layers!

And if you do this work on your own?

Will you REALLY STEP UP and RISK taking those scary actions?

And will you REALLY KICK YOUR OWN ASS around all of these new strategies and daily habits and mindset?

Most of us won't.

Not cause we're not badasses but because life happens. Business happens. Relationships happen etc.

And before you know it another month has gone by and those BIG ASS BOLD SCARY ACTIONS or NEXT LEVEL mindset work you were planning on IMPLEMENTING? Never freaking happened.



And ACTUALLY expand into your next level self AND of course naturally call in the huge EPIC RESULTS IN RETURN!


*LIVE video trainings in a private facebook group!
*LIVE Q&As to answer any and all questions popping up as you do the work!
*RECORDED Video Trainings to go EVEN deeper !
*Deep Dive Journalling worksheets to get you to unravel that next layer!
*Unlimited support in the private Facebook Group throughout the Bootcamp!

If you miss anything, there will be recordings of course! AND you'll be able to keep this content FOREVER.

Which means you can go back through it any time you like! When you're ready to unravel the NEXT LAYER! That's right baby it's a never ending process of uplevelling and getting MORE RESULTS!!!
We start tomorrow Monday March 12th!!! 

AND the Pre-Work is ALREADY in the Facebook Group waiting for you!

Doors Close MONDAY March 12th (Midnight, Pacific)
One Time Payment of £157
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