The Self-Study Course That Will Change Your Life


You haven’t done anything like this before.


What Clients Have Said About Working With Olivia...

Construct the identity.

Choose and bring to life the identity that would naturally call in ALL of the results you crave.

Daily Action

Over a 4-week period, you'll be guided through a daily bite-sized 3 minute audio on what to take action on to CONSTRUCT this exciting new identity.

Daily Journaling

Every day, you'll be provided with a confronting and exhilarating journal prompt to push you to BECOME the next level version of you.

Daily Ass-kicking

Every single day, you'll get the ass kicking you need to actually launch yourself into the deep end so that you start creating the freaking epic results you want in life.

Become the person you dream to be.

And naturally start calling in the RESULTS you desire