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Are you ready to make a lasting change in your life?

It’s time to create epic results and discover another level of being. 

To get where you want to be in life and in business, you need to get your mind working for you

When you start thinking like the person you want to be, you’ll see mind-blowing results. 

Enrol in Identity today to unlock bite-sized audio trainings that will help you embody the person you dream of being.


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4 Weeks of Audio Trainings

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Bite-sized Trainings

Bite-sized audio trainings mean you’ve always got time – no excuses!

Audio Trainings

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How It Works:

When you enrol in Identity, you’ll receive short trainings five days a week for four weeks. At just three minutes each, these trainings are designed to fit into even the busiest day. 

Whether you listen in the morning while you’re making the coffee, while you’re warming up at the gym, or when you’re doing the dishes, you’re guaranteed to find the time to absorb these powerful, motivational lessons.

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Stop falling back into old habits

You’ve been trying to make changes to your life, but they’re just not sticking. Something always seems to get in the way. You can’t help wondering what you’re doing wrong – or whether the problem is just you. But trust me, it’s not.

Making lasting change is hard for all of us. Every New Year’s Eve, people around the world make all sorts of resolutions – but 92% of them fail. So how do you get yourself into that 8% of people who make a goal and stick to it? 

It’s all in your mindset. It’s not enough to want to do something. You need to envision yourself as the person who does that. You have to become this other version of you.  You need to embody her. If you want to go to yoga regularly, you need to think like a yogi. If you want to grow your business, you need to think like a successful business owner. 

I’m here with the simple mindset tools to help you make lasting change.

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Hi I'm Olivia Charlet.

When I decided to make the big leap from my safe finance career into the world of coaching, I was filled with nerves. I felt like a fraud. I had massive levels of self-doubt and I was the walking, talking definition of imposter syndrome.  

At the start of my coaching business, I saw myself as a ‘newbie coach’ and a ‘struggling entrepreneur’. The problem was, because I saw myself like this, I acted that way too.

I’d start and stop a million different things throughout the day without ever really being consistent with one thing. 

Instead of starting my day intentionally with a workout and some journaling, I’d just wake up and head straight to social media. I was sure that hidden somewhere in my feed was the answer to how I could build that perfect six-figure business.

After 10 months of getting nowhere, I finally realised nothing was going to change unless I changed first. I realised it was time for some deep mindset work and a mindset shift. 

I decided to stop identifying myself as a struggling entrepreneur and instead took on the identity of badass business owner and caring coach. Bit by bit my thoughts, choices, and behaviour started changing.

At the end of that first year, I finally hit my first 10K month in business. Even better, I continued on to make 10k months for three years.

That’s the power of Identity: lasting change.

Today, I’m passionate about helping amazing women like you discover their true potential. I’m a guide – showing you all the magical things your future can hold. You just need to really see yourself as that person. And I’m here to help you make that happen using simple mindset tools.

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Success Stories

When my entrepreneurial tank is empty, she fills me up and makes me search for an even bigger tank. Thanks for all the great value your share with us, Olivia.
Olivia is great and what she does. Very inspiring and motivational with great coaching skills. She helped see and realize some things about myself and business that can totally be accomplished. She rocks and would recommend her to anybody. I am so glad we met.
I had a Clarity call with Olivia recently and she was simply amazing. Her energy and passion spoke in volumes to me, and ignited so much inspiration within. I sensed a real connection with Olivia, and she instinctively knew the levels of my potential.

So, are you ready to take the next step?

Your true self is just waiting to be discovered. I know you’ve got what it takes to do amazing things – you just need to start getting in the right mindset


Let's do this!