The 3 Key Habits To Crush Your Business Results

3 Key Habits To Crush Your Business Results!


If I rewind to 6 years ago when I first started my business, I wish I would have known what I’m about to share in this blog around consistently sticking to 3 key habits!  It would have been an absolute game changer for my business growth.

When I started my business at 26 years old, I would wake up at around 6.30 or 7am (I’ve always been an early riser – it’s how I’m programmed) and I’d make a cup of hot coffee from my Delonghi coffee maker.

Then, I’d make myself some wholewheat toast, peanut butter, and sliced banana. Or some scrambled eggs on brown toast with some melted margarine. And I’d sit at my living room table, coffee and hot breakfast right next to me.

My laptop would be open, and I’d be checking notifications on Facebook. Yup – looking back, this was really not the best way for me to start my morning !! But that’s the honest truth of how I used to start my day back then.

Unfortunately, when I had a lack of notifications or a lack of replies from a message or email I’d sent to leads, I would notice myself feeling super discouraged.

All of that excitement and energy to crush my day would dwindle when I saw I only had 2 new notifications. And zero replies in my inbox.  Unsurprisingly, I’d be left feeling flat and I’d sigh with frustration.

Back then, I wouldn’t write down my business goals. I wouldn’t take a walk or exercise first thing in the morning. I wouldn’t meditate. I wouldn’t journal. I wouldn’t plan my day. I wouldn’t track my business numbers. I wouldn’t read an inspiring book.  (All things I’m big on today, 6 years later).

No, instead, I’d go straight to my laptop and straight to my notifications to see if I was finally getting the engagement and validation I wanted for my business.  

I wanted proof that I was on the right track. It felt like I somehow needed to know that I would achieve my business goals! 

As I was so new in my business, I was ridiculously keen to start getting paying clients. This is what created that desperate need to check my Facebook notifications every 2 minutes of the day at the time.

The rest of my day was spent a bit like a headless chicken: listening to a podcast, watching a YouTube training on marketing, clicking on a Facebook ad that claimed the magic bullet of getting LOTS of new paying clients immediately.

I would go from one activity to the next without any level of strategy or clarity. My mind would get pulled in a million different directions every time I saw a shiny new strategy or shiny new webinar that guaranteed (immediate) business success.


Instead of feeling fulfilled, at peace, and full from the work I was doing, I’d feel empty and guilty that I still hadn’t created paying clients.


At the end of the day, around 8pm or so, I’d feel a bit lost and hopeless.


Would this ever work? Would I actually hit my business goal? Was there a point to all this?

Were the tasks helping me get to my end results of creating more paying clients?


My mind would just ruminate on the doubts and worries. I hadn’t yet learned how to bring my mind back to the present moment.

By the end of the day, I’d feel confused and like I hadn’t actually moved the needle forward in my business.

Have you ever felt that way?

My mindset 6 years ago wasn’t the best (I’d never done any work on it) so I’d focus on my lack of progress and my lack of results.

The more I focused on the lack of progress I was making, the more it’s what I saw. That’s the thing: what you look for is what you find! And I was ONLY looking for lack. So that’s all I saw: lack.

If – instead – I’d spent some time each day asking myself where I could see tangible improvements in my business, I could have found that growth. For example, I would have seen 1 extra follower on Facebook. Or 1 new email subscriber. Or 1 new like on a post. I would have SEEN the actual progress. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t looking for the progress in my business so I didn’t see it. 

In conclusion, I would run around like a headless chicken, confused and feeling unproductive. The guilt was strong too as I saw my savings account decrease each week from bills I was paying (groceries, gas, electricity, internet, phone, living expenses).


As you can imagine, the guilt continued increasing day by day as a result of not being further along and not bringing in revenue.


If I could go back in time, I would tell my younger business owner self, it’s time to get focused. You can’t just run around like a headless chicken, Olivia. 

I would tell my 26 year old self that doing everything inconsistently will never have the same effect as doing a few key things consistently

I would show my younger self that getting clear on three key business habits that will (over time) compound and grow your profits is the smarter way to go!

Of course, I would tell myself that these 3 key habits may change in the future as you continue learning about business.

Start where you’re at though – get clear on the 3 key daily actions that you’d need to take Monday – Friday to really see long term sustainable results 2 years from then.

The truth is there are SO many resources for free online (YouTube, Facebook, blogs) on exactly what three key daily tasks are for your particular industry and business.

For you, it might be having 1 networking conversation every single day. Or perhaps for you, it’s sending out one message daily to a prospect or lead or previous client. Whether that’s through LinkedIn, Facebook, email or phone!

Or maybe for you it’s sending out an email to your list of subscribers to continue adding value and building those relationships into warmer leads.

Perhaps for you it’s collaborating or connecting with influencers daily to help grow the visibility of your product.

Each industry and individual business will have its own 3 key habits that really make the biggest long-term impact on the growth of a business.

Depending on what your specific business goal is, you’re going to have a few key actions that you KNOW would change the game for you result-wise!


What are THREE key actions that you would need to take daily (Monday-Friday) to see your business results SCALE massively two years from now?


Often, we actually know what these 3 key habits would be. Deep down, we just KNOW what we need to be focusing on to grow our business, but we don’t always do it!

It’s easy to get sidetracked with smaller, more unnecessary tasks in our business that won’t actually move the needle forward for us.

So what are those 3 habits for you?  Write them down.

Now, imagine fast-forwarding the clock 2 years from now. Imagine you’d been crushing those 3 habits EVERY SINGLE DAY (Monday – Friday) for 24 months…

Where would your business be?

What would your results be after that?

What would you have achieved?

It’s kind of crazy cool when we realise that we have SO much control over achieving huge things if we’re just willing to be focused and consistent enough on the right things in our businesses!

By the way, if you’re struggling to get clear on what those 3 particular habits are for you, don’t worry! Do a bit of googling and research online to find a few experts in your industry who already have the business results YOU want!

Then see what THEY say it requires. Often they’ll have been interviewed around their daily business activities. Or sometimes they’ll even have written a book or a blog themselves on what got them to where they are today.

Honestly, nowadays business owners are so vocal and open about the actually “strategies” they used to get to where they are.

That’s the beauty of the internet. So much great value. And often it’s FREE!

Let’s be real though – that’s the easy part: getting clear on the 3 key habits that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

What’s harder is actually EXECUTING.

Actually doing it Monday through Friday. That’s where an accountability partner, mastermind, or mentor can come in handy so that you actually stick to it!

As simple as this sounds, it’s gold. But you have to actually do it! 

So I’d love to hear! What are the 3 action habits you’re now determined to crush over the next 2+ years to hit your big business goal? Let me know in the comments!


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