The Boldest Version Of You - Olivia Charlet

I know how much you want to grow your business. I know how much you want to get results.

But it’s hard when you’re constantly worried about what other people are going to think of you.

It’s tough to take bold steps in your business, like sending emails out to prospects and having sales conversations when you’re afraid of what they’ll think of you.

When you’re hiding and not doing the things that will grow your business (like making some noise through your marketing and really selling your products & services with conviction), you end up with similar results each month.

And the truth is that it IS incredibly frustrating.

Because – deep down – you know it has nothing to do with your “marketing or sales strategy” – it’s to do with YOU hiding out of fear.

It’s because you doubt yourself, right?

You’re afraid to make some noise, ruffle feathers, and ultimately grow your business.

And maybe – you’ve gotten to a point where you’re so fed up with yourself.

Fed up with staying quiet and not putting your business out there the way you could.

Maybe you’re just tired of keeping your business from actually scaling the way you want to.

But saying that – it’s hard to step out there and have those sales conversations.

It’s scary to get out of your comfort zone and actually start advertising your services with confidence.

And – as much as you hate it – your lack of confidence gets in the way of growing your sales and your revenue more than you’d like to admit.

Well that’s exactly where “The Boldest Version Of You” comes in.

I’ve designed this recorded audio course as a way for you to finally tap into a new energetic state of bravery where instead of procrastinating and hiding in the shadows, you start posting the social media post and making the sales call and writing the email and writing the sales copy and marketing your offers with excitement.

This course will teach you exactly HOW to change how you feel about yourself – by using confronting journaling tools and NLP techniques !

It will also teach you how to change your belief in your ability to succeed and hit your business goals. You’ll be walked through a simple yet powerful way of changing what you believe and reinforcing your new belief with brand new evidence.

You’ll be taught simple new practices you can start using every day so that you can take the kind of aligned action that will GROW your business.

It’s not so much that you need more strategies on marketing or selling your offers.

It’s more that you need someone to help you get your confidence up and become the kind of profitable business owner that shows up courageously every day to market and sell their products.

You want A LOT more sales and a LOT more clients. But you know the only way that’s actually going to happen is if you step out BOLDLY, make some noise through your marketing, sell your business offers with conviction and do it consistently.

It’s time to change.

You deserve to be the kind of business owner that takes decisive and assertive action daily.

You deserve to be the kind of person who believes that when they set a goal, they can actually achieve it!

You deserve to be the kind of business owner that consistently grows their revenue and profits as a result of consistently showing up powerfully.