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Take your life to the next level

It’s time to start living up to your potential, one mindset shift at a time

Up to Your Standards

How will you achieve your dream life?

You’ve got high standards for yourself, and it’s time to start living up to them.

You know that to get where you really want to be, you need to start giving life 100%

Up to Your Standards is here to help you push your limits and discover what you can really achieve.

It’s time to get bold and start really showing up, so that you can live the life you deserve.

5 Daily Audio Courses

to keep you motivated

Audio Trainings

mean you can listen when it works for you

Daily Trainings

Keep accountable with daily training

Daily Actions

Discover daily small actions that add up to huge changes

How It Works:

Every day you’ll listen to an audio training and work through a worksheet that will give you the mindset tools and actions you need to push yourself way out of your comfort zone. Day by day you’ll take small actions that encourage you to lean into your discomfort, and by the end of the training you’ll be blown away at what you’ve achieved.

Get honest with yourself about what your standards really are, and get ready to crush it.

Have you been feeling bored, complacent or lazy?

I get it. You feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Your business isn’t progressing, you’re not crushing your fitness goals anymore, and your relationships are not as fulfilling, fun and deep as you know they could be.

Everything’s just a bit blah.

You know you can do better than this, and you can be better than this

It’s time to start living up to your potential, crushing your business goals, and really showing up in every part of your life.

You’re in the right place

Hi I'm Olivia Charlet.

This is the course I wish I’d had a year ago. We’d just moved to the south of France with our young son, and I was feeling so stuck.

I’d do a workout, but I was just going through the motions. I wasn’t putting any effort into my business, and I’d made no effort to make friends in our new area.

It would be so easy to make excuses for myself and say that I just needed to be gentle with myself. But the truth was the exact opposite. It was time to get real with myself, hold myself accountable and transform my energy.

By looking at what my standards truly are, and how I can push myself in every aspect of my life, I discovered true happiness. 

Now it’s time to help you discover your real standards, and make that transformation happen so you can live the life you really deserve.

Success Stories

When my entrepreneurial tank is empty, she fills me up and makes me search for an even bigger tank. Thanks for all the great value your share with us, Olivia.
Olivia is great and what she does. Very inspiring and motivational with great coaching skills. She helped see and realize some things about myself and business that can totally be accomplished. She rocks and would recommend her to anybody. I am so glad we met.
I had a Clarity call with Olivia recently and she was simply amazing. Her energy and passion spoke in volumes to me, and ignited so much inspiration within. I sensed a real connection with Olivia, and she instinctively knew the levels of my potential.

So, are you ready to take the next step?

It’s time to start showing up in the world exactly the way you want. You deserve to achieve great things. Let’s get ready to crush it!


Let's do this!