What to do when you lack MOTIVATION in business!

Last week Tuesday, I remember feeling completely unmotivated.


I have my suspicions as to why I felt this way.


Basically, Nathan and I had just come back from a four and a half day mini getaway in Bright (Victoria). In the past, I’ve found that the first day after a holiday, I can feel a bit flat or lost.


Instead of feeling super driven and determined to crush my business day, I feel meh. I don’t really want to do anything after being on holiday. I don’t feel like doing much. 


What I find interesting is that the following day (so 2 days after coming back from a holiday) I feel super motivated in my business. It’s as if the recharge from the holiday has worked super well and I’ve fallen back into my business mojo.  Do you experience this too?


But anyway, on the Tuesday, I felt SO unmotivated. And it wasn’t because I was “tired” or needed a “break” as I’d literally just come back from one!


Sometimes the reason you feel flat, unmotivated and bored is because you need a holiday! A break away from your business. And I’m a big believer in taking time to do that.


But in this scenario, I KNEW it wasn’t due to that as I’d literally just driven back the day before from a beautiful town.


Sometimes, the reason you feel unmotivated is because you haven’t created enough variety or novelty in your days/weeks. 


You’ve fallen into a bit of a rut. Working from the same place. Or doing the exact same thing in the same exact way over and over again. It’s normal to feel bored or meh when you haven’t consciously brought in newness. It’s important to bring that excitement and change into your weeks.


Again, I knew this wasn’t the case for me on that Tuesday.  As we’d spend 4 days + doing all KINDS of different things. From swimming in a river to hiking around a lake. It was a mega holiday of exploring a whole new area we’d never been to before.


So I realised at that point that it wasn’t because I was in need of a holiday OR a lack of variety. 


It was time to face the facts. I just felt unmotivated. 


How many of us business owners experience this a year? A lot. It happens. It’s normal. 


It’s normal to lack that motivation. Not all the time. But sometimes.


And you don’t have to let it ruin you. 


This is what I did and I recommend you do too:


1) I asked myself how I wanted to feel when my head hit the pillow. 

I thought about this for a little while. And I realised that EVEN if I continued feeling unmotivated all day long… I wanted to know that I had actually taken some aligned action in my business. EVEN if I didn’t really feel like it.


2) Next, I asked myself a simple question I use frequently.

What would I be doing right now if I was ALREADY feeling motivated?

If you actually live into this question and take it seriously, you’ll actually find answers to it!

So I came up with 2 or 3 actions I’d be taking in my business if I ALREADY felt motivated.


3) Then? Yup you guessed it. I actually executed on those. EVEN though I still felt meh and uninspired. 


Now the crazy thing is that after a couple of hours, I started feeling more motivated. And more in flow. 


That’s the power of getting started.


It can feel SO tough to get started when you REALLY don’t feel like it.


But funnily enough, the hardest part is starting.


Once you’ve started, the flow tends to catch up with you and before you know it, you feel motivated again!


It’s crazy. And SO many female business owners wait to feel motivated rather than just getting started.


So next time you’re feeling super uninspired and flat, ask yourself if it’s because you need a rest or some variety. 


If the answer is no to both of those then you know what you need to do!


Regardless of what your mind says, answer the two questions I gave you above (how do you want to feel when your head hits the pillow AND what would you be doing if you were already feeling motivated. 


Then take those actions! Even if you don’t feel inspired yet. It doesn’t matter. Start anyway.


And watch how motivation catches up with you before long!


Let me know in the comments if you’re up for using these and if you have any other tips on overcoming a lack of motivation!




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